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Anne Souren

Management Trainee

Sun, snow, great connections, beautiful music … These are the things that make me go though life singing. I'm a quite creative person, but far from chaotic. I use lists and overviews to keep a tight rein on all my to-dos. I love organising things, especially when this means I bring people together. My enormous energy and enthusiasm come in quite handy in this regard.





Anne’s skills…


Whether it’s a work event or a family weekend, I like to be in control of things. I arrange everything down to the smallest detail, to make sure all participants and myself can enjoy themselves without any worries when the moment comes!


Improvising, performing last-minute tasks… I just love that! Unexpected situations like that actually stimulate my creativity and solution-oriented approach.

Relationship management

I get a lot of energy from seeking connections with people. That can mean all sorts of things: creating a pleasant atmosphere within the team or visiting a client; I’m in!

Great language skills

My communication skills are not just verbal; I’m also quite good at writing texts or working with texts.

Anne is curious about…

I’d like a more people-oriented component in my work. I think change is not (only) achieved by modifying existing structures, but also by changing the way people think and behave.




I have worked on this project

Project Management Officer (PMO) at Rabobank

Over a ten-month period, I collaborated on two projects within Rabobank. Within the Operational Excellence project, I set up, among other things, the Lean training programme for all of KYC and change workshops for Team Leads. Later, I also joined the Sanctions project. Here, I helped draft the communication plan and worked on the roll-out of the Microsoft programme AzureDevops.   

Relationship manager at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Foundation

At the AVL Foundation, I have the role of relationship manager. Here, I have full responsibility for setting up the new business club AVL Ambassadors; an entirely new concept within the foundation. The money raised here will be dedicated to theme around the Early Diagnosis of Cancer. My role includes making the plan of action, drafting the right proposition, but also drafting the agreements with the business club members. In the process, I organised a major event to introduce companies to this new concept. In addition, there is the ongoing relationship management with the companies, the drafting of communication documents, but also the drafting and devising of the entire annual agenda. A very versatile assignment, in which I am the spider in the web as manager of the business club! 

Anne’s tip…

When she was 99 years old my grandma still kept a wisdom tile with a text that translates as follows: ‘If you don’t respect small things, you don’t deserve the big ones’. That tile is now on the wall in my own room and yes, to be honest it really reflects the way I live. So what’s my tip? Enjoy the small things in life! Because it’s those small moments that make life so special.

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