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Daniëlle Evers

Management Trainee

Excited and enthusiastic, that's how I usually appear to others. By listening carefully and asking in-depth questions I easily get to the heart of a problem. In doing so, I don't shy away from exposing things that are sometimes left unsaid. I get a lot of satisfaction from getting our goals, needs and expectations clear, and translate them into clear and concrete actions.





Daniëlle’s skills…

Strategic thinker

I enjoy dealing with strategic issues. I have an eye for the big picture and can think creatively in this area.


I am good at listening and reading between the lines. This puts me in a better position to be there for others and to get to the heart of the matter quickly.

Practical translator

When the dot on the horizon is clear, I translate that objective to the things we need to do to get there. That way, we can take concrete steps together.


With my enthusiasm and energy, I easily get the people around me moving and in that way ensure that those concrete steps are actually taken.

Daniëlle is curious about…

I am curious about Strategy and Management Consultancy to help organisations further improve their performance. I’m also quite interested in team development; where do we stand as a team, what motivates others and how can we work together more effectively as a team?

I have worked on these projects

Project Manager Operations & Support at EuroPool

In this project, I was responsible for the operational set-up of a corporate start-up. I had three focus areas: 1) devising a streamlined customer journey to invoice our customers, 2) setting up a financial administration for our start-up from which to report to the parent company, 3) setting up various service levels (think online support, a helpdesk and technical support). Furthermore, I directed various external parties to set up and link selected software systems such as a CRM and accounting system. The cool thing about this assignment was that I am both strategically and operationally involved.

Digital Expert Portfoliomanagement bij ABN AMRO

In my first assignment, I was responsible for Portfolio Management and Business Finances within our department, consisting of +/- 45 development teams working on the Mobile Banking app, among others. I managed the total projects, continuously monitoring whether we were in line with the bank’s strategic objectives. Creating support for unambiguous and accurate Business Reporting was essential here. I analysed progress using various dashboards and provided the management team with management information. During the last six months of my assignment, I was allowed to participate in the management team as a full member.

Daniëlle’s tip…

First of all, the book entitled ‘Net positive’. It describes how to create a successful and sustainable business, namely by giving, more than by taking. Written by former Unilever CEO Paul Polman and sustainability specialist Andrew Winston. The book ‘Focus on/off’ by Mark Tigchelaar and Oscar de Bos is also highly recommended!

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