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Dennis Fokkens

Management Trainee

The social butterfly, the mood maker. My great love for music fits perfectly with that. Have you ever noticed how the right music can set the mood in a space? So that's what I like doing: making sure the atmosphere is good! My great sense of responsibility means that I like to facilitate others, and my determination and infectious optimism ensure that I do so quite successfully. Oh, and of course my coveted Spotify lists also help!





Dennis’ skills…

Empathic as can be

My desire to please others didn’t come out of the blue, of course. I sense people well and can easily connect with them because of this.

Winner’s mentality

The result? I never lose sight of that. I am determined to get where we need to be.


A crazy twist? I love that! Philosophising, brainstorming or rethinking? You can count me in!

Marketing knowledge

I like building bridges to other people. My studies combined with my personality give me the necessary marketing & communication skills.

Dennis is curious about..

I’d like to delve more into sales, as connecting with others is essential for sales. I’d like to combine this with sustainability, for instance in selling recyclable products. I believe that in this way we can connect by offering added value, rather than just adopting a purely commercial point of view.

I have worked on these projects

Business Developer at ABN AMRO

At ABN AMRO, I identified new opportunities and realized new business models for the ABN AMRO application Grip. Together with the Grip team, we enabled new revenue streams while constantly striving to increase customer satisfaction. I was responsible for setting up communication channels with the 140,000 active users of the app. In this assignment I learned a lot about setting up revenue models, connecting customers to a particular product and psychological aspects involved.  

Hardy Schuerhoff: “Dennis has completed a consummate traineeship at ABN AMRO. His enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and tenacity make him a welcome addition to the Grip initiative. In collaboration with others, Dennis is a force forward, hungry for results but able to enjoy the journey towards them. I therefore classify Dennis as a rising star!” 


Transformation manager at Mediq

As transformation manager, I was responsible for mapping, facilitating and improving various complex processes in the Sales department. I also led the execution of different projects. One example is the marketing of the new innovative product WeSense Slim incontinence material!  

Dennis’ tip…

My tip is the book ‘Solve for Happy’ by Mo Gawdat. When I read this book, the penny dropped and I realised that while we often identify with our thoughts, we are not our thoughts. Indeed, we can observe our own brain. This insight makes life a lot easier, funnier and more interesting!

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