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Dick Vroegop

Management Trainee

As the initiator of my group of friends, I was christened as "the father" of the group. I like to take the lead; not only to get ahead, but also to make sure everything is right for the people around me. That's why I prefer to take decisions in consultation with others - but when we get stuck, I am the one who cuts the knot. Furthermore, I am always well prepared and like to give things my own twist, whether in my work or while cooking.





Dick’s skills…

People-centered leadership

Both privately and in my work, I think it’s important to connect with others. During meetings, I always make sure there is enough time for both people and tasks.

Firm and sincere

Whatever a situation brings, I always remain level-headed. In my interactions with others, I’m not afraid to ask the tough questions.


One thing I don’t like is unnecessary fuss. I prefer to take a pragmatic approach. I like to have a clear sense of direction and steer accordingly.

Critical sparring partner

A colleague with a problem or a friend looking to buy a house? I like to help them consider the options. I see the connections in a given situation and can work towards a solution from there.

Dick is curious about…

In the field of work my interests are very broad. Any place where there is a possibility for me to learn and improve excite me. If I had to choose something specific, I would go for the food industry. Ever since I was little, my dream was to work at our family business focused on food. From the age of 15 I loved spending time there and this is where my passion for food and – especially – wine was sparked.

I have worked on these projects

Change Manager Scheduling at Akzo Nobel

At AkzoNobel, I worked as a Change Manager in the Scheduling team. During the process, I was responsible for creating the weekly schedule of the coating plant in Sassenheim. I was given the freedom to create a concrete production schedule that made the production process more streamlined and structured and also exposed the problems in the production process. It was fascinating to work in an environment where something is really being created, to be close to the fire, and to be able to influence whether or not we achieve our goals. 

Program Manager Shipping at bol.com

As Program Manager of Shipping at bol.com, I am responsible for charting the daily course of events and tracking performance. I also make predictions and make adjustments to my team if targets are not met or if something goes wrong. What I found extremely instructive during my time at bol.com was the further scaling up and structuring of the proposition and taking ownership of it. 

Dick’s tip…

A trip to Piedmont in northern Italy in autumn is something I’d recommend to anyone. This is when truffle season begins, the wines have just been harvested and the vines turn to beautiful hues of orange and red. I also like to share the most valuable life lesson I received from my mother: let love guide your actions!

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