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Eline Nelis

Management Trainee

Sunshine! I love that. Whether it's about the beach, my attitude towards other people or the atmosphere in a group. I easily manage to break the ice thanks to my sense of humour and my energy. Others will tend to describe me as easygoing, but as soon as it comes to the task at hand I'm bent on achieving it, come rain or shine!





Eline’s skills…


I enjoy organising and planning things. Whether it’s a new holiday destination or work task, I arrange everything down to the smallest detail.


While organising, my eye for detail comes in very handy. I notice things that others tend to overlook. And yes, I even organise my wardrobe based on colour.

10 steps forward

I like to think ahead, both on a strategic and practical level. What are the future consequences of the choices we make now, and which stakeholders do they affect?

All-round connector

The group feeling, that’s what I go for. Colleagues of different ages or backgrounds? It comes very natural to me to connect with others.

Eline is curious about…

I’d like to further develop my communication and creative skills. Even after my studies, ‘International Business’ continues to excite me. Living and working abroad? Yes, please!

I have worked on these projects

Change Manager Scheduling at AkzoNobel

As Change Manager at AkzoNobel’s Production Site, I was responsible for optimizing the production process and driving process improvements. There was close cooperation with various people, in which I needed knowledge of, for example, SAP, but also strong analytical thinking, and stakeholder management skills. I was a point of contact in the office, and also on site in AkzoNobel’s factories. This made my assignment very interesting and tangible.

Micheal Mom (Project Manager Process & Operations): “Eline has proven herself as a dedicated, hard-working person with a strong sense of responsibility. With her positive attitude, she was able to integrate seamlessly into the team and started numerous activities to improve our processes.” 

Project Manager at ANWB Wegenwacht

As Project Manager at ANWB Wegenwacht, I was responsible and supportive of two improvement and efficiency projects within ANWB Wegenwacht. These projects deal with the future of the scheduling process and the last duty hour of the roadside assistance. In discussions with OR, MT, employees, and other stakeholders, researched, analysed and gave advice. This involved a supported advice to the MT Wegenwacht for efficiency and improvement of the last duty hour for +/- 900 FTE. made us of msoft skills, analytical ability, and ability to see the bigger picture.

Eline’s tip…

Step out of your comfort zone! Not just at work, but everywhere. Explore the world! There’s so much we can learn from other countries and cultures.

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