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Esli Severijn

Management Trainee

Even as a little girl, I was quite the entrepreneur. For example, I turned my room into a library and let family members rent books from me. Today, I still love setting things up. I get satisfaction from getting better at the things I do; whether work-related, in sports or in my social life. The word I always keep in the back of my mind in this context is ‘balance’. I constantly seek the balance between achieving future results and living in the moment.





Esli’s skills…


Thanks to my sensitivity, I can easily read between the lines. This allows me to sense what is going on under the surface and take action accordingly.

No-Stress Esli

Deadlines? I love them! A bit of pressure not only makes me more productive, it actually makes me more creative!


I like quality. I’d rather spend extra time on something than deliver something that is not up to standard.

Time Manager Pur Sang

Lists, overviews and schedules: I know exactly what needs to be delivered when and how best to get it done.

Esli is curious about…

There are still so many new places I’d like to explore, to see real life there. I think people and life are immensely fascinating. I’d like to take the time to observe this more extensively. I think that’s why I love running and cycling so much; I keep seeing new things along the way.

I have worked on these projects

Process Manager & Communication Specialist at Rabobank

As a change manager and communication specialist, I monitored the quality of the Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. My focus was on filtering and prioritising issues raised by analysts and relaying this to the end user. In addition, as a communication specialist, I kept the department informed of important changes that were occurring regarding the Rabobank procedure for conducting Customer Due Diligence. Because the KYC process management and communication role gave me a good overview of what was going on in the department, I also monitored, together with the Management Team, our department’s strategy plan and KPIs and worked on further optimising them. 

Thomas Penzkofer: “Esli, you became one of us in lightning speed. Your engaged and focused contribution was highly appreciated and we would love for you to knock on our door again after your traineeship at Ormit!”  

Global Employee Communications Specialist at DSM

As a communications specialist in the Communications & Branding team, I was responsible for informing employees with the right and relevant information, keeping our organisation transparent and keeping employees engaged. To achieve this, it was important to build an extensive network of contacts with the DSM management, business groups and other key stakeholders. Apart from this, I was involved in several ongoing Communications & Branding projects, such as the Employee Engagement Campaign, with coordination and strategic design.   

Esli’s tip…

No matter how much anxiety you feel, don’t let it stop you undertaking the things you want to do! Don’t let that little voice in your head hold you back. Because when you do take the plunge, it can make you feel really wonderful afterwards. The satisfaction, the adrenaline, the joy… Just think about that!

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