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Floortje Mostert

Management Trainee

Getting things done. Taking action. Off you go! I have a hefty supply of energy and I am only too happy to use it, both at work and in my social life. I enjoy surrounding myself with many people. Firstly, to achieve meaningful results together, but also because I find people simply fascinating. A day of hard work? Oh, trust me: I still have plenty of energy to open the Friday afternoon get-together!





Floortje’s skills…

To the point

Endless discussions? No, please! Using my sense of humour, I quickly get to the essence. This helps me to work efficiently and keep the people involved in a good mood.


I like to dance on the fine line between business and IT. I understand both sides, which makes it easy for me to translate.

Sudoku Queen

With a maths teacher as a father, my love for numbers developed early on. My analytical and problem-solving skills really comes in handy when working on data-related tasks.

Project manager Pur Sang

Organisation and motivation are totally natural for me. I also like to maintain an overview, and I keep a tight rein on all tasks and details.

Floortje is curious about..

In my next role, I’d like to have more people-focused tasks. The ‘Behavioural Change’ idea continues to fascinate me. What drives a person? And where does behaviour come from? I love delving into questions like that, not only in business but also in other contexts.

Floortje’s tip…

JUST DO IT! Often we are so concerned with how we appear to others. But we have to accept that we simply don’t know what goes on in other people’s heads. And that’s precisely why we shouldn’t make assumptions about what other people think. Whether it is the stakeholders of a business project or a visit to your in-laws; act from what is essentially you, rather than from what you think the other person expects of you.

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