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Jacqueline Kamps

Management Trainee

A down-to-earth person from Amsterdam. For me, the glass is always half full! I am not too bothered by stress; in fact I like tight deadlines. But I do need the space to organise my work in the way that I think is best. What I love most is trying new things. I can rack my brain on a complex issue for hours. And then, when the light finally comes on - that's a priceless moment.





Jacqueline’s skills…


Wether it is about sudokus, Excel formulas or group projects, I keep going until I find the right solution.

Steady as a rock

I prefer working in teams, with people I can really connect with. In groups, I provide calm and stability. This is how we continue to focus on the essence, together.


Practical puzzler

Data dashboards or finance questions? I approach such issues numerically – but not without losing sight of their practical implementation.

The encourager

In groups, I believe it’s important that everyone actually feels part of the group. I encourage others to do what they are good at and what makes them happy. That way, everyone is empowered.

Jacqueline is curious about…

I did a Master’s degree in Finance in the US. I’d like to find out if I want to do something with that in practice. I would also enjoy doing a data-focused project. I know the theoretical background, but I also have a feel for the business. I’d love to try out what it’s like to be the connecting factor between the two.

I have worked on these projects

Project Manager at Stichting IMC Weekendschool

As project manager, I was responsible for further developing the onboarding procedure. Based on several evaluations I digitalized and automized processes and actions. This not only relaxed the process, it also accelerated it. Additionally, I set up an e-learning to increase the efficiency of training days and created overview in the onboarding procedure. 

Assistent Project Manager at DSM

At DSM, I was part of a large and corporate team, where I was responsible for the integration of a new business group, Food & Beverages. The aim of the new business groep is to createone face to the customer’. To achieve this, all systems and data had to be reorganized, among other things. Thus, I analyzed large Excel-documents and reported observations with the data and IT teams. To gain insight into the progress and quality of integration I built a KPI-dashboard. Also, I have been intensely involved with setting up an onboarding e-learning for new employees within Food & Beverages. 

Project Management Officer at Rabobank

At Rabobank I worked on the quickly growing department of Financial Economic Crime (FEC) within the sactions domain. My department was responsible for enforcing international sanctions and creating a structure that helped Rabobank to meet all the requirements of new Dutch law. Within this project team I had a supportive role and coordinative role. The recent restructuring of Know Your Customer (KYC) department to Financial Economic Crime (FEC) made my role dynamic and challenging. I got the opportunity to contribute to different projects and collaborate with multiple departments. To be succesful in my role I had to be flexible, plan ahead and communicate with multiple stakeholders. This project tought me that I like to explore new subjects, that I thrive in a team, and how to prioritize.  
Quote by my manager Geert Habets (Project Lead): “We immediately threw Jacqueline in the deep end and involved her in very diverse projects. From drafting a risk framework, working out communications to collaborating on a job profile and everything in between.”

Jacqueline’s tip…

The Midnight Library’. This book is about a woman who no longer wants to live because she regrets the choices she has made. She end up in a library where she can review and reverse all the choices she has made. At the decision points, two scenarios unfold each time. And each time, she finds out that choosing the alternative scenario would have led to another loss. In short, all the choices she has made have caused her life to be exactly as it should be.

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