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Lars Hoffman

Management Trainee

Broadening and improving; that's what I gravitate towards. Whether it's work, other cultures or the big questions of life; I love to expand my horizons. Investigating, figuring out, and puzzling, all with the aim of improving. Over the years, my down-to-earth character has increasingly given way to an open-minded approach to life. As it turns out? Being open-minded and down-to-earth go hand-in-hand very well.





Lars’ skills…

Analytical puzzler

Translating vague and broad problems into practical and concrete solutions. That is what I love. My inquisitive, persistent attitude contributes to this.


Both in social and work contexts, people around me like to share their personal stories with me. Not only can I be an open listener, I also like to think about possible next steps.


Both in my tasks and during meetings, I like to be structured. Straying away and too much fuss? Not at all, I like to keep myself and others on track.

Professor Lars!

Something I really enjoy doing is sharing knowledge. I know how to translate complex information clearly and calmly, which allows me to bring others well into the content.

Lars is curious about…

I would like to experience what it is like to be self-employed. It can sometimes be challenging to move somewhere within large companies because of certain policies and rules. I think it would be interesting to experience what it is like to be able to move in complete freedom. Within certain departments, projects or teams, this entrepreneurial and innovative can also come back; I would like to contribute to that.



I have worked on these projects

Channel Development Specialist at DAS Legal Aid

DAS focuses on legal aid for everyone. By far the largest component of DAS is legal aid through legal expenses insurance. However, in the current strategy, non-insurance products, such as legal aid prevention through contracts, are gaining an increasing role. As Channel Development Specialist I was responsible for developing new distribution channels for these non-insurance products by finding new partners, developing propositions and ideas and setting up collaborations.

Tactical IT Business Partner at BAM Energy Systems

At BAM, I acted as an important link between IT and business. Whenever an issue arose within the business, I was the first point of contact and made the translation to an IT solution. The job was enormously challenging and remains hugely appealing. This is because it is important to fully understand both the business branch and the IT branch in order to be able to speak both languages.

SBA Consultant Visibility & Efficiency at ASML

Team SBA (Service Business Applications) provides reports, advanced analytic and automation solutions for the Customer Supply Chain Management department within ASML. In my role as consultant, I was responsible for improving the visibility, structure and efficiency of the relatively young team. This included analyzing and improving processes. I also supported the development of new applications by providing a bridge function and facilitating and driving change within different teams.

Lars’ tip…

I would like to share two books, which are diametrically opposed and yet both very interesting. The first book is ‘Factfulness’ by Hans Rosling. This book teaches you how to make your world a lot more positive, based on statistics! The second book is ‘How to Change your Mind’ by Michael Pollan, which people may also know from the famous Netflix series. It describes the history and current comeback of psychedelics. Being sober and open-minded, right?

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