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Max Stoop

Management Trainee

Whether in a pavement café or during a game of padel, I can keep telling stories. On the work front, on the other hand, I am a big believer in talking less and doing more. I quickly get to the essence of a problem and then know how to actually address it. Why? Because I really want to improve things, especially for the people around me. So let's do it!





Max’ skills…

Strategic Thinker

I detect the essence of a problem by reading between the lines. I make the challenge concrete and then translate it into practical actions.


When concretising challenges, my technical skills come in handy. I use Excel, PowerBI and PowerApps to explain challenges to others.


When I take on a challenge, I don’t let go. I motivate the people around me to implement the improvement together, although I continue to feel ultimately responsible myself.


Despite being quite analytically minded, I do believe that people are the essence of any organisation. Empowering others and motivating each other, that is the key to success.

Max is curious about…

Things can’t go fast enough for me. Perhaps that is where my interest in start-ups and fast-growing, disruptive organisations comes from.

Max’s tip…

Around me, I often see that people are afraid of certain outcomes. They feel pressure, stress or sometimes downright panic. But what is the worst-case scenario? That something goes wrong? OK, but what do we mean by wrong? I think we should take a more light-hearted view of things.

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