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Meike Stumpel

Management Trainee

An eye for detail? Yes, that's one of my strengths. Before starting, I always double-check that that all details have been considered. Describe Meike in one sentence? What you see is what you get. I am empathetic and accommodating up to the point where I encounter an injustice. Of course, I spent so many hours in the judiciary for a reason.





Meike’s skills…


During my Law studies, my love for language already came into its own. Whether it’s about project plans or work instructions, I always make sure the language is impeccable.


I put myself in the other person’s shoes without losing myself. Cooperation is most effective when it emerges from a sense of mutual understanding.

Flawless organiser

Providing structure, that’s what this highly critical person likes to do. Managing projects, keeping to-do lists… And yes, even my house is always in perfect order.


I never set out without having figured out in detail what route I’m going to take. But once that’s been sorted out, I go like a rocket! If I plan to run a marathon, there’s no doubt that I’ll reach the finish line.

Meike is curious about…

My compassion is not limited to humans, I also love horses and dogs. There is a management training program with horses; it is at the top of my bucket list! I am also quite interested in everything related to recruitment. I believe the success of a company depends on the people you put there.

I have worked on these projects

Project Management Office (PMO) at Rabobank

As Project Management Officer I worked with my project team on the rollout of the Microsoft Azure DevOps tool: a tool that supports Agile working and generates management information for the management team KYC. Our program aims to mobilize and train the entire KYC Change & Support department to integrate this tool into daily operations. I was responsible for monitoring data quality in Azure DevOps, centralizing work instructions, creating user support and supporting trainings. Among other things, I set up a data control system and developed tools for users.

Scrum Master at PWN

As Scrum Master, I was responsible for facilitating two development and management teams within the Information Assurance (IV) department. I ensured proper team composition and continuous development of my teams so that they could add as much value as possible. Removing impediments and making sure my team understands the Scrum Framework were tasks I was involved in. I worked with my fellow Scrum Masters to increase agile collaboration between our teams. I learned a tremendous amount every day from the intense collaborations and analyzing the different team dynamics in my role.

Meike’s tip…

The book entitled ‘Surrounded by idiots’. It is based on the DiSC profiles. Because I recognise traits in others, I can deal with them effectively, in a playful manner.

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