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Nienke Peters

Management Trainee

Helping each other. Working towards a common goal. That's what makes me happy. I love a hefty challenge, but only if it includes a social dimension. In groups, I act as the connecting factor. I like to be helpful and I know how to facilitate what is needed. This allows me to easily step forward or backward in groups, taking the group dynamics to the next level. With a great sense of humour, of course.





Nienke’s skills…


In groups, I act as the connecting factor. I create a shared motivation to reach the final goal; team spirit is all! 


I quickly grasp what is needed to move forward, both with people and with tasks. I respond flexibly and facilitate whatever the group needs.


I enjoy analysing situations to the core. I’m quick to see connections and can easily grasp what they mean for the future.

Trying out

I like analysing, but I’m not very keen on thinking about things ad infinitum. No way! I prefer to try things out, tackle them head on! This creates new knowledge that I can then use to readjust. 

Nienke is curious about…

What I am very curious about is the ins and outs of an entire organisation. So far, I have only been involved in separate parts, but I’m eager to find out how these organisational pieces work together.

I have worked on this projects

Product Owner & Solution Consultant IPS at PostNL

In my role as Solution Consultant, together with my team of testers and FSO’ers, I ensure that the IPS application is kept running and continuously improved. IPS is an application that registers all postal mail going in and out of the Netherlands and is used for the finance processes. As a solution consultant I am responsible for the application lifecycle management; the renewal, optimization and maintenance plans of IPS in the medium term. As Product Owner of IPS, I create the vision and direction for the application with the stakeholders. Together with the team and stakeholders involved, I ensure that the platform vision is realized. I also prioritize the backlog in collaboration with the team and plan the features for next quarter.

Project management & Office Support (PMO) at Eneco

At Eneco I was on the Asset Innovation & Transformation team, a rapidly developing department of 35 FTE consisting of project leaders, process experts and data analysts. This team makes the operation successful in achieving its ambitious growth ambitions by making those improvements that are going to make a difference in the energy transition. The pace of energy transition is high and so is the development of organization. I filled the PMO role on this team and was responsible for bringing structure to this fast-growing department. I also worked on the program “Streamlining Small Consumption” where I mapped processes, looked at where the pain points are and how this could be improved in the sequel. I was also responsible for the delivery of various deliverables in the project Diverts to SAP and DCO New Build.

Commercial Operations Flying Squad member at DSM

DSM Food Specialties (DFS) is a global provider of dairy products, yeast extracts and flavor and health ingredients. After a business acquisition by DFS, a team was set up to sort out the integration of this company and stabilize business processes. I was part of the Flying Squad of customer service where I supported the team in their work. I also mapped business processes and contributed to several optimization and organizational projects.

Nienke’s tip…

Don’t think too much, just try things out! Our brain takes over so easily, but you can only really test things when you put them into practice.

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