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Nils Driessen

Management Trainee

I love interacting with others, both privately and in my work. I'm an easy communicator, and my interest in the people around me make me a real networker. I believe in thinking in terms of options, rather than constraints. But it's definitely not just a sociable atmosphere that I'm after. I have a strong moral compass and tend to take a critical look at content; I really want to know what I am talking about.





Nils’ skills…


Thanks to my background in Finance, my numerical and analytical skills are well developed. Ideally, I’d like to use this knowledge for a sustainable or social purpose.

Eager to learn

Always wanting to move forward, even when your resources are limited. I turn every ‘problem’ into a fun challenge; it just depends on how you look at it.

Creating a shared purpose

With my positive energy, I know how to get people moving. I like to act as the connecting factor in a group to create a shared sense of purpose.


There he is again; the networker! Other people easily share their thoughts and feelings with me, so I have a good understanding of what is going on. I also think it is important to ask the right questions.

Nils is curious about…

I’d like to further develop my organisational sensitivity, in order to find the perfect balance between the rational and the emotional dimensions.

I have worked on these projects

PMO KYC Outsourcing at Rabobank

As PMO within Project KYC Outsourcing Retail NL, I was closely involved in project management and was in the lead of two work streams: the onboarding of the employees of the outsourcing parties Rabobank was working with and the preparation of budget plans used by senior management to make financial decisions. Additionally, I produced progress reports that informed upper management of the status of the outsourcing process.  

Andries (Program Manager): “Nils is a talented force. Analytically highly developed, linguistically and communicatively competent. Keeps a cool head even under pressure and continues to perform well. Dares to take responsibility and is aware of the impact that delivered results can have. Nils, you made a valuable contribution as PMO within the KYC Outsourcing program and delivered an excellent performance. Thanks!”   

Junior Business Manager at Rabo Carbon Bank

Together with Rabobank clients, the Rabo Carbon Bank (RCB) develops initiatives that reduce CO2 emissions and/or absorb CO2 from the atmosphere in order to promote the transition to a sustainable system of food production.  

Together with the Operations Manager of the Carbon Bank, I kept an eye on the various pilots and supported him in the operational management of the RCB as a whole. My responsibilities included setting up an RCB-wide dashboard, implementing an optimized operating model to align more closely with the regular Rabobank business, devising a strategy for the propositions that focus on Brazilian clients and drafting a managers guide. In my role, it was important that I was organizationally sensitive and had sufficient connection with the different pilot teams in order to move forward efficiently and effectively.  

Nils’ tip…

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook; they are all used as ‘success platforms’. This can cause a lot of anxiety. My tip? Don’t compare yourself to others, but to the person you were yesterday. This will give you more satisfaction and more motivation.

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