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Sanne Honée

Management Trainee

After college, I was ready to make the world a better place. I couldn't wait to make an impact to see the world become greener. But then I discovered that one of the most important lessons had not been taught to me in school. I'm talking about the importance of indirect impact. You can’t do it alone, but by speaking out you'll get others to join you. That way you join forces and can make more of an impact than you imagined beforehand! As a steadfast and driven person, I approach life in an open and gentle way to realise my positive impact, directly and indirectly.





Sanne’s skills…

Sustainable knowledge

Not only does sustainability make my heart beat faster, my brain has also gained the necessary knowledge about it. Especially in terms of CO2 reduction.

Listening without judging

My genuine interest, combined with my ability to ask the right questions, allows me to come to the heart of the matter in conversations. It comes natural to me to listen without judging.

The visionary

I am good at thinking ahead and translating my vision into practical terms. I also find that I can engage others to follow my train of thought quite naturally, making them want to move along of their own accord.

Tactful communicator

When I encounter resistance, I know how to open a dialogue in a tactful manner. I stick to the essence of my vision, but build space and kindness around it to get the other person moving.

Sanne is curious about…

I am curious about what the future will look like, both for myself and for our planet. I would also like to gain experience at companies that are in different stages of the sustainability transition. That would allow me to identify the point where I would most like to contribute.

I have worked on these projects

CSR Project Manager at PON

Within PON I work as Project Manager in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and deal with project management as well as corporate sustainability, stakeholder management, education and software implementation. I focus on monitoring and reducing the carbon footprint of PON and all underlying operating companies around the world. I am responsible for the implementation of a new tool to calculate the most reliable carbon footprint. I thus involve users and organize workshops about the carbon footprint with my knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainability. 

Business Consultant HR at ABN AMRO

To increase professionalism within ABN AMRO, the role of Chapter Lead was introduced. A then new position in which I helped the people in my Chapter (team) to develop themselves technologically. I supported the managers in finding suitable candidates and was responsible for the process of onboarding Chapter Leads. Here it was important to coordinate, monitor and communicate the process with the right stakeholders. I was also part of the Sustainability Triangle in the IT department of ABN AMRO and brought the topic of Sustainable IT to the attention of the employees in my department.   


Sustainability consultant at Ormit Talent

Ormit Talent’s mission is to make the world a more beautiful place by harnessing the power of the next generation. During my assignment, I help translate this mission into concrete goals and KPIs and take the first steps in implementing them. For example, I was involved in analyzing Ormit Talent’s carbon footprint and integrating Sustainable Development into the development program. Thus, I worked on the Ormit Talent sustainability policy and Sustainable Development became part of the development program for Ormit Talent’s new talents.   

Sanne’s tip…

Get out into nature a little more often! It is so easy and will do you so much good.

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