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Sijtie Rensen

Management Trainee

Curious! That's me in all aspects. With a mother in recruitment and a father in journalism, I was taught to ask the right questions from the start. This translates into an interest in the people around me, but the more significant questions also excite me enormously. Why do we do what we do? However, this go-getter doesn't just stop at philosophising. I like to get to the heart of the matter and then go full steam ahead; to the result to be achieved!





Sijtie’s skills…

Miss to-the-core

Yes! Getting to the essence is what I do. Thanks to my interest and communication skills, I know how to put my finger on the sore spot.


When we get to the core, I pick up right away. What is that dot on the horizon and what concrete steps do we need to take to get there?

Delegation & motivation

I keep a tight rein on the distribution of action points. With my enormous drive, I keep myself and my teammates focused and motivated.

Eye for quality

A tad bit critical? Perhaps. I prefer to call it an eye for quality. I like pace, but the right quality is at least as important.

Sijtie is curious about…

Anything with a slightly creative tinge; think communication, marketing and PR. As long as there are results to be achieved and the focus is not just on financial calculations or data dashboards, I’m in! I am not a diehard sustainability activist, but making a positive impact with my work is a huge motivation for me.

I have worked on these projects

Project Manager Safety at Waterschap Hollandse Delta (WSHD)

As as consequence of a number of incidents, I was responsible as project manager safety for a change in the workplace culture and to give safety a higher priority. Thus, in this project I strengthened both the safety structures and the safety culture within WSHD. To strengthen the structure, I coordinated sub-projects that strengthened strategy, frameworks and processes. I also contributed to communication plans, workshops and information meetings to further develop the culture. In addition, I mobilized and led the Safety Team – consisting of about 100 employees and communicated closely with stakeholders from different layers within the organisation, from the MT/DR to the operational staff. As a result, I made great strides in terms of leadership.

Project leader Asset, Innovation & Transformation at Eneco

Within Eneco, I supported change projects in different areas. Because I was involved in many various projects, I was able to make an impact within Eneco from different perspectives. For instance, one day I worked on the implementation of a new CRM system, another day on a project in the field of Social Return on Investment, and yet another day on the realisation of the energy transition policy. I also led a project related to the inspection of solar panels of a company acquired by Eneco, in collaboration with another project leader from the Asset Innovation and Transformation department. By using my communication and project management skills, I managed to combine so many projects. In doing so, I am proud of how quickly I got to know the different sides of the organisation well, which enabled me to carry out all my projects as successful as possible. 

Sijtie’s tip…

The thought I adhere to is: ”In the end everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” There will be times when things in life go better or worse, that is certain. How you deal with it? That’s up to you! We are the directors of our own lives.

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