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Stijn Strebus

Management Trainee

Commitment and variety; two things that make me happy. Not surprisingly, then, I completed a triathlon. Healthy pressure? That only improves my performance! I enjoy creating things, in the broadest sense. Whether this involves making others happy, doing chores, setting a record time or achieving target... Let's create something beautiful together!





Stijn’s skills…

Creative problem solver

When I have been able to create something with limited resources, my sense of success is all the greater. I don’t think in terms of limitations, but rather make creative use of what is available.

Analytically concrete

I am a data-driven person and always have an end goal in sight; I like to turn something vague into something concrete.

Good listener

Whether in personal relationships or at work, I like to keep asking in-depth questions to get to the essence of a story or understand the other person’s point of view. 

Energising optimist

With me, the glass is always half full; that attitude also helps me enthuse the people around me. In a team, I act as an energising and motivating factor.

Stijn is curious about…

Given my engineering background, I’d like to learn more about the energy transition. This is a big and complex puzzle that I am happy to contribute to.

Stijn’s tip…

Consider every change as an opportunity. When changes occur, you can use them to change the way you work and grow as a person, department or company.

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