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Thijs Jeschke

Management Trainee

Passion. I think that's the best word to describe my intrinsic motivation. I can be completely absorbed in something; whether it is work, sports or cooking. I pursue my goals passionately and with a great sense of responsibility. I love racking my brains on complex issues, but only when I can do so in a group setting; jointly achieving the goals you have set gives so much more satisfaction.





Thijs’ skills…

Calm communicator

I convey my message clearly, with both feet firmly on the ground. I quickly get to the point and like to formulate situations and agreements in concrete terms.


Once the agreements are concrete, I also want everyone to stick to them. I do what I say and say what I do, which fosters an open and trusting type of cooperation.


Again I think this reflects my passion. I like to take initiative and look further ahead; anything to reach our goal together.

No-stress Thijs!

Stress? No, never. Even in the most chaotic situations, I know how to prioritise tasks and continuously convince myself and others to focus on the essentials.

Thijs is curious about…

I’d like to work abroad for a few years. In such unfamiliar surroundings, even a bus ride can be an adventure. Getting to know Interesting people, experiencing new situations… These things would greatly stimulate both my thinking and my creativity!

I have worked on this projects

Transformation Officer at ABN AMRO Bank

As transformation officer I worked in the transformation team within the Detecting Financial Crime (DFC) department of ABN AMRO. As transformation officer I was responsible for a number of change projects. For example, I developed a new function house for DFC Operations. In doing so, I increased clarity and offered prospects for advancement opportunities in this job house.

Operations project manager at Euro Pool System

Stack&Track is a startup that aims to launch a platform on which companies in the fresh produce industry can manage their packaging flows. As operations project leader, I was responsible for setting up a fully automated financial system so that the first customers can pay. I also ensured a smooth onboarding for the new customers who wanted to use Stack&Track’s services. I liaised with various internal and external stakeholders to ensure that everything runned smoothly and I compiled clear reporting from all departments within Stack&Track towards the investor: Euro Pool System. The freedom I had to fulfill these tasks makes this assignment challenging. I used a proactive attitude and clear communication to steer this assignment in the right direction.

Thijs’ tip…

The book entitled ‘The 5 frustrations of teamwork’. As I mentioned earlier, I formulate concrete tasks and work with a strong sense of purpose. Nevertheless, I believe that underlying relationships are the basis of any successful collaboration. In his book, Patrick Lencioni manages to describe this in a very clear and convincing way.

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