Junior Project Lead @ Motion ASML

Motion is part of ASML. And has great challenges. Ambitious to grow, optimize, renew, innovate. Motion goes along with the size of ASML. Think of: large expansion of employees, introduction of new products, increasing volume of production but also the way of producing is going to change.

And you as a trainee? You can really make an impact to make Motion great! Will you help build the future of Motion?

About Motion

The Motion department within the Twinscan plant is responsible for manufacturing all critical linear actuators for all ASML platforms. Each machine contains dozens of actuators, at the wafer stage location. The wafer stage is where the main moving parts (actuators) of the lithography machine come together; you can think of it as the mechanical “heart” of the system. In an ASML lithography machine, the stage moves two wafer stages simultaneously, each containing a silicon wafer. While one wafer is exposed, the position of the other wafer is measured by the machine’s metrology sensors. Without these actuators, therefore, the machine would not work, this makes Department Motion a major and indispensable player within ASML.

Contribute to the creation of complex linear actuators in Motion’s dynamic, high-tech development and production environment, indispensable in the world of ASML. Are you ready!

About the roles:

Two roles are possible within this traineeship. We will engage with you to find the best match.

(Junior) Project Lead/Project Management – Motion has great challenges with great projects. As a JPL you are, together with the Senior Project Lead, ultimately responsible for the successful execution of the projects. You make the planning, divide the tasks and keep the overview. You ensure that the project schedule is realistic and that it is executed accurately. You are also flexible and creative when you need to make adjustments. You guard the overview, manage, evaluate and motivate. You have a helicopter view and work accurately. We are looking for a born leader who gets energy from working out the big picture and bringing it to a good result!

Business Process Analyst – Your job is to map out Motion’s current situation. You will gain all the knowledge of the existing systems and processes. As a BPA you will map out the needs, wants and requirements from the organization so that you can suggest improvements. So you will not only work out the current processes, you will analyze complex issues to see where things can be even more efficient and effective. Are you proactive and good at Tetris? Your puzzle skilss will come in handy here! Do you make all processes and systems work smoothly with each other? Then we are looking for you! A nice challenge with great impact!

You are:


You have a completed master’s degree in the field of Management. Other direction? Let’s get in touch!

Young professional

We’re seeking starters or young professionals with a maximum of three years of professional work experience.


You’re a curious lifelong learner with a growth mindset. You’re open to new experiences, insights, and receiving constructive feedback.

What’s in it for you

Award-winning development program

Our award-winning development program focuses on learning by practice. The program consists of an intensive curriculum that together with our guidance will boost your personal and professional growth.

Kick-start your career at ASML

This program builds the foundation for a successful career at ASML. You’ll have the talent, knowledge, and ambition to move on to new challenges at ASML. You’ll be following in the footsteps of the other successful Ormit trainees before you.

Competitive benefits

We offer an attractive compensation package. Next to a competitive salary, you’ll be reimbursed for expenses, join a thriving pension plan, and enjoy a generous holiday package. But the best reason to join is our award-winning development program valued at over €45,000 — which is our investment in you.

Tanvi Nautiyal

Ormit Talent & ASML alumni

When I was studying I did not give much thought to where I would best fit as a professional in the corporate world. The Ormit Talent & ASML traineeship allowed me to explore my potential work identities in three unique ways. Firstly, I got to explore different departments at ASML; from finance and tax to project management. Secondly, fellow trainees pushed me outside of my comfort zone and helped me discover things about myself that I did not know. Last but not the least, through challenging but rewarding discussions with my leadership coach, I gained awareness about my strengths and weaknesses. For a person with a mathematics background, it was a surprise to find out that I excelled in the intersection between people and content. This traineeship helped me realize the importance of reflection and personal development in my leadership journey.

This program in numbers:


ASML & Ormit Talent

Your talent is the key that unlocks great business potential. Ormit Talent strives for the perfect match between your talent and a role at ASML. We guarantee impressive personal and professional development in an international environment. After your traineeship, the world of ASML is at your feet.

ASML gives world’s leading chipmakers the power to mass produce patterns on silicon

Walk in the footsteps of 2000+ alumni

Award-winning development program

Rotate in multiple projects, and get to know ASML like no other!

You’ll be part of a peer group of talents who face similar challenges.

Monthly activities, drinks and trips!

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