Get to know our

way of working 

At Ormit Talent, we distinguish ourselves with a self-developed way of working. We focus on discovering, guiding as well as developing young professionals. On the other hand, we deliver the best talent with the perfect skills, drive and energy to the ambitious organizations that need them.

The Ormit Talent Process

Evaluation day after application rounds

When the application process is over, we welcome you as a “special one” at Ormit Talent. Your program always begins with an evaluation day. You look back on the assessment and, together with your Ormit coach, map out your personal goals.

Development Program

Our CEDEO award-winning development program gives you all the tools you need to make every assignment a success. Your personal development grows along with the impactful results you deliver. The training and coaching you receive will support you in the challenging situations you will encounter during your time at Ormit Talent.  Learn more about our development program here!

Intervision and follow-up

The development program also includes peer reviews and follow-ups. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate, escalate and adjust yourself during your personal process. You do this together with your coach at times when you feel it is worthwhile, but also at a few predetermined evaluation meetings with both the Ormit Talent team and the company for which you are currently working.

Your future career

When you have fully completed your Ormit Talent program, you are ready to start working as a professional within a company of your choice. Would you like to work at one of the Ormit Talent partner companies, an external company, or within Ormit Talent itself? The choice is completely up to you!

Alumni Community

After your traineeship at Ormit Talent, we would like to stay in touch with you. After your time at Ormit Talent, your personal development continues! Especially for our Ormit Talent Alumni Community we organize several alumni events, which continue to support you even after your time at Ormit Talent!

Curious who has gone before you? Check out the LinkedIn community!

Ormit Talent Values


Care to dare

We are close to our talents and constantly challenge them. They have to show guts, push boundaries, grow and make an impact in the companies they work for. We go to the very edge, pushing limits and stretching as far as we can when we mentor them. Always sincere and with their best intentions at heart. It enables them to become the best version of themselves. 


Eager to learn

We believe in people who are curious and eager to learn. Because those whose discover their talents through passion, quickly rise above themselves. This doesn’t happen overnight; it takes energy and effort. It requires the courage to take an honest look at yourself, to be vulnerable. Self-awareness and guts let you make a difference! 


Teaming up

We love to co-create. Because change is never something you bring on your own. You do it together. Only then will it work sustainably. For both an individual and an organisation, working together is a recipe for success. Moreover, it is much more fun as a team.


With a twinkle

We love talent, it’s our passion! And so we always go the extra mile for the talents and companies we work with. At the same time, we’ll always find room for relaxation, humour and putting things into perspective. Hey, it’s serious business. But we’ll always keep that twinkle in our eye!