Ormit Talent

@Brainport Eindhoven

We want to make an impact. To make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place. Where better to do that than in the Brainport region? High Tech Campus: here we are! Our talents are the link between tech and business. As leaders of the future, they contribute to the rapid growth of tomorrow’s technological solutions.

In a region where high tech is central, our talent is given plenty of room to shine. They understand the dynamics. They can connect this to the business like no other. They feel at home in the ecosystem of the High Tech Campus.


Tech meets Business


Our focus

At the High Tech Campus, co-creation is key. The rapid tech growth and development requires professionalization of processes and projects. This is the role that suits our top talent. They are all connectors who bridge the gap between technology and business. Meet the leaders of tomorrow.


We are here

We are where the talent wants to be. But guess what: the shortage of talent will remain for a while. We love talent: so you can focus on your core business. Our heart lies in finding, attracting and retaining talent. And we do this in the Brainport region. With our office on the High Tech Campus we are part of the ecosystem. We know the dynamics. Our knowledge and experience ensure success: 90% of our talent is in permanent employment after 2 years. After 5 years, 80% of our talent is still with the same client!


This is how we roll

We unburden you. We are close to our talents. We know them through and through. Challenging them is our second nature. Coaching on & off the job, training and guidance. You name it: we help. We confront, motivate and give sharp feedback. Always positive, with respect and without prejudice. This is how they push their boundaries time and again and grow into the best version of themselves, within your organization. Are you ready for our talent?


We love talent

Every day, we challenge young, exceptional talents to be the best they can be. Our people have the experience & passion to spot the talent and develop it further.


Our focus for the Brainport region is: connecting. Young talent with the skills to understand the dynamics of technology. And then to build the bridge to business. So that the rapid growth is also translated into professional processes and projects.


We are not interested in the status quo. Keep learning and remain curious. That will get you further. We get energy from the search.

About the Brainport region

Brainport region has a globally recognized position. In this knowledge-intensive ecosystem, a strong high-tech manufacturing industry is key, besides creative design sector. New developments are taking place at a rapid pace. Companies must be agile and able to switch quickly. In this way they contribute with technological solutions to the world of tomorrow.

Within this region, unemployment is lower than average and more jobs are created every day. The key to success within Brainport is cooperation. That’s why Ormit Talent Brainport is located in the heart of the Brainport region at the High Tech Campus (HTC) in Eindhoven. Not only is the HTC the smartest km2 in Europe, it’s also the most sustainable campus in Europe in 2025! A fantastic place to make an impact.