The role of Ormit Talent within your organisation

Project managers, changemakers, product & business owners, or data and digital specialists. Ormit Talent develops and supplies talents for all your projects and challenges. Whatever the field. And we unburden you, completely. Because we take care of the recruitment, guidance, coaching and talent development.

Discover which in which roles our talents can make a difference in your organisation.  


Our talents make an indelible impact

Project Talents

Got a big, ambitious project? Its success stands and falls with its optimal follow up. Our talents bring teams and operational processes further than you’d dare dream with scrum, agile and prince2 principles. Up to the next level.


Our talents are multidisciplinary and exceptionally flexible. They effortlessly take on multiple roles, such as project manager, project lead, PMO, operations manager or process manager.

Change Talents

Looking for real game changers? Then you definitely need our talents. Innovators and change makers by nature; it’s part of their DNA. They have the right skills, the necessary knowledge and the character to bring about change and progress smoothly. They are the change managers, transformation leads and leaders who shape your organisation’s future.

Agile Talents

Lean and mean. Agile with a fail-forward mindset. Thanks to these skills our talents can connect strategy and tactics with operation like no other. They do this as scrum masters, product owners or agile coaches. These imaginative initiators are always a few steps ahead, have the guts to be critical and always go for the best results.

Business Talents

Our talents have feeling for your organisational processes and business. Self-starters. Instantly employable. Independent and wise. And always focussed on results. They approach your questions and challenges with a fresh view. They seize new opportunities and find innovative solutions from unexpected, surprising perspectives.

Data Talents

Looking for talent with up-to-date knowledge of data, data analysis and data processing? With the Data Chiefs programme, you have the rock stars of the data talent at your disposal. They know better than anyone how to turn all your data into valuable insights and opportunities for your business.


With our special Vlammrs programme, we bring the most sought-after data talents to your organisation.

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