Do you have the guts to invest in talent?
Real talent 

The world is in constant motionjust like your businessAnd it moves at lightning speed. You’re an ambitious organisation and want to keep up; moving onward and upwardWhich takes guts. The guts to choose unique talents with the right drive. They bring the right energy to your organisation and boldly take on new opportunities. And make no mistake, these gamechangers make an impact. With their unstoppable drive and their fresh, young ideas.  

At Ormit Talent we constantly search forrecruit, and develop these unique talentsIn fact: we know these special ones. And they know us. Thanks to our traineeships they are ready to start with your organisation straight away. So what are you waiting for?

This is how Ormit helps organisations

Young Talents

Are you looking for quick reinforcement of your team or your project? We have a pool of young talents available. Curious, energetic and eager to learn. Driven to make an impact.

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Talent Pool

Looking for a structural influx of young talent? We help you build a talent pipeline. We find and develop them. Tailor-made for your organisation.

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Data Talent

Are you looking for driven data professionals who you can deploy on a project basis? We have them for you! Apart from their data knowledge, they make the difference with their solid soft and change skills.

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Customised Talent Programme

Do you want to boost the development of your own people? We design a tailor-made programme. The result to be achieved is our goal. And, of course, success for both the participants and your organisation.

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Our talents make an indelible impact

Project Talents

Got a large, ambitious project? Its success stands and falls with an optimal follow-up. Our Ormit Project Talents use scrum, agile and prince2 principles to take teams and operational processes further than you’ve dared dream. Up to the next level!

Change Talents

Looking to innovate and truly move forward? It’ll only happen if your organisation and people are open to change. Our Ormit Change Talents successfully implement progress and innovation in your organisation, including as change managers. Let the change begin! 

Agile Talents

Lean & mean. Agile with a fail-forward mindset. With these skills, our talents know how to connect strategy with operations like no other. They do so as scrum masters, product owners or agile coaches. They always think a few steps ahead, have the guts to be critical and constantly strive for the best result.

Business talents

Our talents have plenty of feeling for your organisational processes and your business. They are self-starters. Employable immediately. Independent and wise. And always focused on results. They approach your issues and challenges with a fresh look. They seize new opportunities and find innovative solutions.

Talent development? This is how we do it!


Talent Discovery

Young talent helps you realise your ambitions. Not average talent, but the special ones. Those with the right attitude, skills and drive to perform. We find them for you. And we dig deeper. Our unique selection process means we find exactly the ones that will make the difference for your organisation.  


Talent Development

Our talents are champing at the bit. To get the utmost out of themselves and your organisation. While they work, we continue guiding, coaching, and training them to further stimulate their development. They’ve got the talent; we know how to bring out the best in them. It’s the winning ticket. 


Talent Delivery

Our talents are eager to work on projects that truly matter. They want to see impactful results. They love getting stuck into a good challenge that demands more from them. They can count on the guidance of our professionals. It’s how they push past their limits time and time again.

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