Talent Pool

We will help you build a talent pipeline. We recruit and develop top talents on an ongoing basis. Tailored to your company’s needs and based on your needs. This way, you have your own talent pool at your disposal. Check out our In-Company Talent Programme.

Why Ormit Talent?

Ormit Talent delivers top talent. We have unique expertise and years of experience. We love talent! And so we recruit and develop those special ones who fit your organisation perfectly. Whether you’re after temporary support or looking for ongoing recruitment and inflow, with Ormit Talent you are and always will be flexible.


Your own talent pipeline

You know where your organisation is heading. And what talents you need to get there. Ormit Talent recruits, selects, and develops the leaders of tomorrow. Especially for you. Ormit delivers talent that can immediately be deployed in your organisation thanks to its unique talent development process which focusses on careful screening of candidates.


Durable connection

Our talents stick with the organisations they start working for. 95% of our talents start working for the organisations after their programme. After 3 to 5 years, around 80% are still there.


Recruitment and selection

Recruitment, selection, talent development, coaching, and employership. You’ve nothing to worry about. Ormit Talent takes care of it all. With our expertise and years of experience behind us, your organisation is free to focus on what it does best. 


We share our expertise

We are an unique specialist in talent development. But we also want to share that expertise and experience. With your people and business managers, for example. So that they too can learn to coach and develop the talent within your organisation.

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