For 30 years, we have been scouting, developing, and empowering young talent🚀 We started with a bold vision, but have grown into a powerhouse of growth, innovation, and success stories💪

This anniversary is the perfect time to look back and, of course, to celebrate! On this page, you will find the most beautiful and remarkable stories from 30 years of Ormit Talent. Don’t feel like keeping an eye on this page? Then subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn!

Looking back together with our alumni

29 April 2024

Create impact at a global level

Almost 30 years ago, Nathalie Jaarsma began her professional adventure at Ormit Talent. As an ambitious newcomer, she was curious about what was on offer in the job market and thus opted for a traineeship. By now, Nathalie has been working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years. Her diplomatic career in economics, security and culture makes us extremely curious. How did she get to this point and what insights and experiences during her traineeship still have an impact today?

Anke Zuidema
29 April 2024

A review of the first multi-company traineeship in the Netherlands

Ormit Talent is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and who better to give us a glimpse into the past than one of our very first trainees: Anke Zuidema, Manager Corporate HRM and Organisational Development at Rijkswaterstaat. In a fascinating conversation, we dive into a time when mobile phones were not a common thing to own and communication occurred through faxes.

29 April 2024

How personal growth strengthens technical craftsmanship

lan Sprong has been with ASML for 11 years by now. He started there as a trainee in Ormit Talent’s first talent pool at ASML and simply never left. A pool is a group of 6 to 12 trainees who go through the traineeship together. lan is currently cluster manager within EUV and will soon lead a cost reduction programme within ASML. As a member of the first talent pool at ASML, lan shares his experiences, challenges and valuable insights about his time at Ormit Talent.