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Accelerating your CSRD implementation

Are you ready to implement your CSRD strategy? In that case, you need the right approach and alignment. But how do you get that done? We will help you!

Our CSRD-talents and data professionals are ready to support you during every stage of your implementation process.

Everything you need to know. CSRD in a nutshell:

Do you have to get started with CSRD?

If you are a publicly listed company that meets at least two of following three criteria:

  • 250+ employees
  • €50+ million in net sales
  • € 25+ million balance sheet total

Then you are obliged to report on your impact on people and planet from 2024 onwards.

You reap what you sow

Do you already have an CSR or ESG report? Great! Then investing in adequate stakeholder management and a structured CSRD-approach is the key to success: it helps you to enhance your current reporting so that it can be accurately included in the CSRD report.

A green future

CSRD compliance is more than just an obligation. It is a statement of intent: we want to be sustainable. We want to reduce our impact on the world and make a positive contribution. CSRD is an opportunity to make a conscious change of direction. It is an opportunity to transform and become a better company for all. Let’s shape the future together!

A report for the future

      1. Strategy phase
        Together with your stakeholders, both inside and outside your organization, you look for the ESG topics that are important to your organization. In this way, you paint a clear picture of the relevant themes, opportunities, but also risks in the field of sustainability. Then, to arrive at an approved CSRD report, you make a plan to supplement the shortcomings in the current report with the sustainability themes relevant to you.

      2. Implementation phase
        We move on to action! This phase is all about setting up, managing and visualizing data streams. This comes together in a data dashboard and forms the basis for the final CSRD report. It’s hefty work, so a successful approach requires engaged stakeholders and structured data collection.

      3. Anchoring…
        The result is impressive; the CSRD report, like the annual financial report, is approved by an external auditor. Yet this is only the beginning, how will you ensure that you improve next year?

All the steps in a row:


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We unburden, you follow through!

CSRD is much more than following legislation, it is an opportunity to transform your organization. It is an opportunity to become more sustainable and have a positive impact on the world.

Want to join us in shaping the future?

Our CSRD talents and data professionals are ready to help you. We offer support at every stage of your CSRD journey, from creating a strategy to reporting your results. Together we build the sustainable world of tomorrow!

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