Young Talents

Are you in need of quick reinforcement of your team or project? Then look no further than our pool of Young Talents. A continuous stream of young and promising special ones. Energetic and eager to learn. Fast and curious. Keen to make an impact. Always looking for results and growth. 

Why Young Talents?

You’re crying out for impactful young talent. Unique profiles with exceptional skills you can’t find anywhere else. Ormit Talent knows exactly what you’re looking for, and guess what? We’ve got them. Need a temporary injection of extra power? Or a regular influx of our special ones? It’s up to you!


They are ready for you

Our unique talents are champing at the bit. And are ready to start for you tomorrow. After all, they’ve already gone through an extremely careful selection and intensive talent development programme.


Culture Shake

Gen Z, Gen Y. The leaders of tomorrow. That’ll be our Young Talents. Involved them in all your most innovative projects and give them room to grow within your organisation. In doing so, you will have the DNA for a future-proof organisation.


Ormit Talent develops and unburdens

Recruitment, selection, talent development, coaching and employershipOrmit Talent takes care of it all. Thanks to our expertise and years of experience, your organisation has nothing to concern itself about. We take care of it all.


Temporary and flexible

Our Young Talents aren’t just the best; they can be relied upon whenever you need them most. For temporary projects or wherever you need a lot of flexibility.

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