Ready? Set… GO!

Our selection process

As an Ormit Talent you are different from the rest. You are one of the leaders of the future. A game changer that can already bring about change and innovation and always wants to move forward. As an unmistakable ‘special one’, you ensure that organizations innovate faster and better and achieve more success. Calling yourself “special one” is therefore certainly not for everyone. That is why our selection process is designed in such a way as to select the best talents. Read more about how we do that!

Getting to know

Ormit Talent

Of course, we want to know whether you are a good match for Ormit Talent. But we believe it is just as important that you feel good with us. That is why our selection process is designed in such a way that a good mutual acquaintance takes place. In addition, you will also immediately get a taste of our programs! We are ready. Are you?

Our selection process is short but sweet! All the different parts give us a better picture of you. And you a better picture of us. In addition, you learn more about yourself through the different parts of the selection process, and you gain valuable insights that will really help you further. A beautiful, instructive procedure, in which we challenge you, let you learn and provide fun!

Our selection process


Your CV and cover letter showcase your talents.

Capability test

We test your numeral, verbal, abstract and problem-solving skills. And you get to do it from the most comfortable place: home!


The interview is a personal conversation in which we dive deeper under the surface to really get to know you! We don’t so much discuss your resume, but rather the person behind it. This requires strong self-insight and the ability to start a conversation about it. We will of course also discuss your motivation, ambition, and competences.


An intensive session in which you showcase your strengths and receive incisive, inspiring feedback from our side. This day marks the beginning of your personal development process.

You’re special!

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve shown us you’re a special one. We promise to get you through the selection process in no time. Ambitious and eager to learn as you are, means you can’t wait to get started!

Our coördinators

Caroline & Sandra are the coördinators of the selection process, and your point of contact! They ensure that you go through the various steps of the selection process as smoothly as possible.