3 assignments, 3 organizations, and 5 roles: The capabilities of a trainee

As an outsider, it can be challenging to grasp the full scope of what an Ormit Talent trainee can bring. Esli Severijn has completed three assignments and successfully finished her two-year traineeship. She is, therefore, the ideal person to shed light on why a trainee can be an added value to your organization.

From Project Manager to Team Lead

Esli has taken on five different roles across three distinct organizations. At Rabobank, she served as a Project Management Officer and Process Coordinator. Her journey with DSM led her to the communication team, where she assumed responsibility for global internal communication. At the Provincie Noord-Brabant, she served as the Back Office Coordinator and Team Lead for Supportive Case Managers.

Esli says, “Each assignment brought its own challenges, but I received excellent guidance from my Talent Development Manager at Ormit Talent. Throughout my assignments, I have taken on various roles, from a Project Management Officer to a Process Coordinator, and from an Internal Communication Specialist to a Team Lead. The beauty of it all is that with each assignment, I gained more responsibility, and each time, I entered the next assignment well-equipped with experience. Finally, to conclude my journey as a Team Lead is what I am most proud of.”

Steep Learning Curve

Ormit Talent trainees truly face a challenging journey of self-discovery, but their innate curiosity and proactive nature make them hungry for self-development right from the start. “There is a rigorous selection process, so you can assume that someone picks things up quickly,” explains Esli. “The learning curve is not only steep in terms of content but also in developing soft skills. You get to know yourself better. I now have a clearer understanding of who I am and what I can contribute. The development program has played a significant role in that. In terms of soft skills, you often encounter similar situations in your professional life. I am grateful that I faced some of these situations during my assignments and had guidance from Ormit Talent to navigate through these challenges.”

A Traineeship as Intended

According to Esli, an Ormit Talent traineeship is precisely what a traineeship is meant to be: “Not all traineeships are the same. The Ormit Talent program stands out from others due to its incredibly steep learning curve and excellent guidance. Those two years are so much more than just gaining two years of work experience. You are intensely focused on personal development, there is genuine attention to coaching, and the program adds significant value for both the trainee and the clients.”

Do Not Underestimate an Ormit Talent Trainee

Esli observes that organizations often underestimate what a trainee can achieve. “It’s often done with good intentions. They might not want to make an assignment too challenging or significant. However, an Ormit Talent trainee is curious, eager to learn, and ambitious. In reality, you should set them free and throw them into the deep end, but observe how they navigate those waters. Don’t assume too quickly that they can only handle simple tasks; dare to assign challenging projects to trainees. See how it goes, and you can always adjust by engaging in conversations. However, what I hear most is that my fellow trainees ask for additional work when they aren’t sufficiently challenged.”

The Value of a Trainee

It’s challenging to fully explain the diversity of roles a trainee can fulfill, but according to Esli, the added value of a trainee is undeniable: “All trainees bring a fresh perspective. They approach things with an open mind and raise issues that you might not have thought about. They are decisive and have the determination to tackle your project thoroughly. It’s not uncommon to see a lot accomplished in a short time. Trainees make great, engaged colleagues for your organization—curious, understanding their strengths well, and ready to contribute. With an Ormit Talent trainee, you have a promising future colleague on board!”

Many projects but lacking resources?

Fortunately, we have more top talent like Esli in house. With their open-mindedness and fresh perspective, they can’t wait to tackle your project with both hands. Be sure to meet our available talents or feel free to reach out and set up a meeting!