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Anouk Grandia

Management Trainee

A tad rebellious? I would rather call it unique. I like to do things just a little differently. I love observing situations and people, especially when I’m new there. The social animal in me soon emerges afterwards. The combination of both makes that I know exactly what is going on, both on a substantive and on an emotional level. From this knowledge, I act proactively to initiate joint improvement. Trust is the foundation for this. Always.





Anouk’s skills…

Listening motivator

Often, I quickly pick up what someone else is doing, feeling and capable of. I like to act as a listening ear and motivating factor for those around me.


I love facilitating brainstorming sessions and working out the ideas that come out of them. Whether it’s about business development or sewing my own clothes; I love innovation.

The observer

My observing attitude not only contributes to getting to know people, it also allows me to envision how certain processes run and how groups function. I deliberately take this information with me.

Just nice and practical!

I like working solution-oriented and practical. Endless, vague stories? That’s not for me. I work out what is needed so we can take purposeful steps.

Anouk is curious about…

I would like to work abroad, for example for an international organization. By stepping out of the Dutch ‘bubble’ for a bit, I hope to further my personal growth. In this way, through learning from other cultures and having new experiences, I can broaden my perspective even more. I think this will not only contribute to my development as a person, but also as a leader.

I have worked on this project

Project Management Officer (PMO) at ASML

In my role as Project Management Officer I supported the Accelerate Motion program. Motion is a component of ASML that is responsible for the production of the engines for the ASML-machines. ASML motion is experiencing massive growth in multiple aspects. To be successful in my role I had to be agile, pro-active, and vigorous. Accelerate Motion facilitates ASML motion’s growth by introducing new ways of working and realising a new building to continue production. Change was a driving force for everybody involved. In my role I was responsible for the program budget, structure, facilitating meetings, and stakeholder management. And I was the sparring partner for the program manager and different project managers within the program. This project was challenging because no two days were a like, which made it interesting at the same time.

Teun Burgers (Program Manager Motion Manufacturing): “From day one Anouk has shown drive with great enthousiasm, and also the capabilities to contribute to our organisation. Great to have you in our team.”

Anouk tips…

While listening to a Ted talk on future fashion, I was struck by the following sentence: ‘’Fashion is not only about making yourself beautiful, it is also about making this planet beautiful and livable for generations to come’’. Fashion and sustainability are both important topics in my life. Hence, I would like to share this tip: when you’re standing in the Zara, stop to consider the mass production of all those clothes and the effects on this world. Perhaps you could spend your money someplace else, on an item that is more sustainable and more unique!

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