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Ariska Lardinois

Management Trainee

A quitter? That's not in my dictionary! Instead, I am recognized for my enthusiasm and spunk. During my dance training I was able to learn even more about perseverance and never giving up. In ballet everything has to be perfect and in sync. That is why I like to work in a structured and well-organized way, with an eye for detail. The dance world can be known for being 'cold', I am not. I like to create a warm environment where everyone can feel at ease.





Ariska’s skills…


Overviews, TO-DO lists and schedules; I always have my business in order. Even in teamwork, I know how to streamline things so that all bits and pieces run like a structured engine.

A ray of sunshine

Not only do I get energy from my own positive attitude, I also encourage others to stay positive. Whatever the situation, I always know how and where to find the sunshine!

The hotello

Thanks to my people skills I can sense others pretty well. Not only am I capable to create a connection, but I can also make others feel comfortable. I will always carry the hospitality of a true “hotello” with me.


Whether they are work-related goals or physical achievements, I am convinced: where there is a will, there is a way! I will not quit until I have reached my goal!

Ariska is curious about…

I completed one of my internships in Cape Town and this new environment fascinated me immensely. I would love to discover and explore more cultures. I would also love to explore issues surrounding sustainability. I don’t have much knowledge about this topic yet, but would love to learn more about it.

I have worked on this project

Project Management Officer and Project Lead bij ASML

I was Project Management Officer (PMO) and Project Lead on the Program Accelerate Motion team at ASML. This team is responsible for the relocation and redesign of these production lines to a so-called one-piece production (LCIA). As PMO, I overlooked the various workflows and brought different stakeholders together to ensure that the actions that were drawn up were directed in the right lines. Coordinating this relocation project was incredibly complicated because we were dealing with large, expensive machines and a lot of precision work. I became project lead for two of these production lines, which means that I was the first point of contact for all operators, engineers and architects who work with this production line. I made sure we kept an overview and that all actions were carried out on time. In addition, I was also partly responsible for the overview of the ongoing finances. I made sure that major expenses were approved in time by the right people. The biggest challenge throughout my assignment was in keeping the overview and structure within its complex and technical environment. I learned that without full content knowledge, but with the right critical questions and structure, you can make sure that this whole project can be managed well. I think it is very cool that I was able to experience this sector, which was unknown to me until now.

Ariska’s tip…

With a goal in mind, you can actually achieve anything. My current goal? To run the half marathon in South Africa! Currently, I am enjoying training and have passed the 5km training lap. I am really enjoying this beautiful challenge that has come my way.

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