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Jari Folmer

Management Trainee

Spontaneous actions? I'm up for that! But I want more, much more than that. Going deep, doing the right thing, changing the future. There is only one way we can do this, and that's doing it together. Let's join forces to make an impact. Let's fight together for a brighter future, the way the earth intended it to be. This is all about making life meaningful.





Jari’s skills…

Soaking up knowledge

From podcasts to training courses – I’d like to know absolutely everything. Not only because of my insatiable curiosity, but also because the perfectionist in me likes to get it right.

Outgoing pacesetter

Yes, both in the pub and in the office! After all, contagious motivation is esential in both change and stakeholder management.



Holistic thinker

I take a system-based approach to consider the whole system and its impact on all areas, in order to make a holistic decision from there.

Green knowledge

There I go again: sustainability is my great theme. With my incisive questions, I make other people think about their purpose and impact.

Jari is curious about…

Skydiving! That’s at the top of my bucket list. Oh, and salsa dancing in South America. With a cute Latina, of course. On the work front, I’d like to take an in-depth look at integrating social and ecological impacts into business strategies.

I have worked on these projects

Project Manager at PWN

As project manager at PWN I was responsible for reviewing and optimalising theProjectBased Working’ (Prince2) methodolody together with relevant stakeholders and internal departments. Not only was I successful in leading the project, but also in monitoring the inbedding of more than 30 stakeholders. I also came up with and implemented a new consultation structure between various departments together with the team manager Installation and Pipe management. Besides, I optimalised the processes within Team Maintenance with an external project team. 

Project Management Officer at ASML

In a team whose goal it is to make ASML a more sustainable company as a whole, I worked as a Project Management Officer (PMO). Half of my time I supported the Program Team Manager of the ESG (environment, social and governance) team, where we translate ASML’s sustainability strategy on these themes to the organization for subsequent implementation. The other half of my time I supported a project to make ASML CSRD compliant. My tasks in this project ranged from typical PMO tasks such as preparing, setting the agenda and facilitating meetings to diving deep into the subject matter to be able to translate strategy into practical meaning for ASML. I saw again how valuable it is to always have a questioning and curious attitude in your communication, but I also learned that at other times there is a need for someone who can and dares to give direction. The key lies in alternating those two techniques at the right time. My passion is sustainability, and I love learning from my seasoned sustainability colleagues how to go from strategy to a sustainability policy implementation and execution. And that within such a large company. Every day I learned something new about the company, about sustainability, or about something I can do even better myself to make an impact together.

Jari’s tip…

Think of ‘the best thing that could happen’ when you’re in a tense situation.

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