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Looking for talent with a thorough knowledge of datadata analysis and data processing? With the Vlammrs programme, you get access to real data rock stars who turn data into actionable insights for your business. Discover the Vlammrs programme here.


Why Vlammrs?

Chances are your organisation is sitting on a mountain of valuable dataBut how do you translate this into a concrete business approach that aligns with your business goals? Because we all know data is the new gold. In fact, it’s impossible to imagine life without it. And neither is the talent needed to transform this data into useable insights for your organisation. So, let’s start digging!


Data talent with soft skills

Vlammrs possess the ideal mix between hard data skills and soft personal skills, making them the ideal connector between business and IT.


Data talent development & coaching

Vlammrs are exceptional young talents coached by experienced ORTEC and Ormit Talent experts.


Enlarge your data talent pipeline

The war on data talent is real. Vlammrs brings the most sought-after data talents closer to your organisation. This ensures you have direct access to a pipeline of the people you need, when you need them. They are ready and waiting for you!


Become a data-driven organisation

Vlammrs follow an intensive programme in collaboration with ORTEC, which will turn them into true all-round data specialists with relevant business expertise.

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