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Jessie Heeman

Management Trainee

Going for something completely, both physically and mentally. That is the key lesson I took away from top-level sport. A bit of pressure? That will only make me perform better. What is typical of me, I think, is my flexible and open attitude; I like to be surprised by life and the people around me. This openness is also important in my work environment; I want to be able to be myself and let others be themselves.





Jessie’s skills…


Whether it is snowboarding or a work-related task; when something matters to me, I go for it 100%!


My involvement is not only about goals, but also about people. ‘Oh, I’m fine’ – I won’t take that as an answer. I like to know how the other person is really doing.

Highly critical

From my background, I know there is always room for improvement. I am critical of both my own and other people’s work, and I’m not afraid to share my criticisms.

It’s all about structure!

The thing that supports both my critical eye and my sense of purpose is structure! To-do lists and hard deadlines enable me to control the entire process.

Jessie is curious about…

Quite honestly? I just love a bit of adrenaline! I’d love to go skydiving one day. Oh, and jumping out of a plane on a snowboard, that’s also on my bucket list!

I have worked on this project

Projectmanager Funeral Services at Coöperation DELA

In the role of project manager, I dealt with projects related to the integration of DELA and Yarden. I supported a number of sub-projects. For example, I ensured that clear information was communicated to the locations and that the projects received the correct information from the locations. Within my own subproject I was responsible for the rollout of the DELA music book and the Image and Sound Assistant at former Yarden and DELA locations. Constantly discovering new things that I didn’t expect beforehand made the work enormously interesting, as well as the different stakeholders I worked with.

Jessie’s tip…

Do the things that make you truly happy! Why do something merely because someone else expects you to? You can keep that up for a while, but eventually it will make you unhappy. The time we continually spend on keeping others happy could be better spent exploring what makes us happy ourselves.

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