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Josja Veul

Management Trainee

Freedom, travel, and flexible working - that's my dream for later. Not to sit back though! On the contrary, I like making myself useful. I am a balanced type of person but do like to get into action. A little work pressure will only make me run faster. Oh, and complex issues are another excellent trigger! Especially when they have to do with sustainability.





Josja’s skills…


I have a natural eye for detail. I like to map out processes in order to work in a uniform and structured way.

Punctual organiser

Time management is key! I make sure to keep track of to-do lists and know exactly who needs to have done what by when to move forward. And yes, I am always on time.


I regularly do a short check-in with each individual. When everything is clear to everyone, we can move forward efficiently together.

Text efficient

I enjoy analysing long texts and getting the gist of the story from them. Conversely, I can also put the gist of a story on paper succinctly and quickly.

Josja is curious about…

Having gained experience in the energy transition in recent years, I’d like to make a foray into the commercial or financial sector.

I have worked on this project

Project Leader and Product Owner at BAM Energy Systems

As project leader, I was responsible for setting up energy communities in the Netherlands to enable local sustainable energy exchange between homes and offices. I was also responsible for the development and implementation of dashboards displaying sustainable energy performance of different BAM office buildings, with the aim of encouraging greener behaviour and reducing CO2 emissions. These dashboards keep track of the energy performance of those buildings, enabling the exchange of information about efficient ways of working. My work included drafting propositions, monitoring progress, synchronising between partners, managing stakeholders, process supervision and outsourcing external parties.

Program manager at Bol.com

At Bol.com, I was part of the Shipping via Bol.com (VVB) team in the proposition team, where I was a program manager. I was responsible for the propositions to sales partners who used VVB. In my role, I am in contact with many different stakeholders to ensure that the service is constantly improved. I report monthly on the performance of VVB, represent VVB within the organization, and contribute to process optimization. This role was challenging because I had to identify and seize opportunities. To succeed in this, I was in contact with many stakeholders, had to think analytically, and be able to create a logical story from data. Although I am in contact with many stakeholders, I work a lot individually. I enjoyed the variety in this role and being in contact with other parts of the company, as well as being able to delve into a new industry. I have learned about the dynamics of the logistics world and how to create an attractive proposition based on data. I am proud of the fact that I have been able to hold my own in this dynamic role. 

Josja’s tip…

When we believe completely in the truth of our own opinions, we impose a limit on our thinking. Our perception is not necessarily the only truth. So never assume you know everything and always stay open to other ideas.

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