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Luchien de Bruijn

Management Trainee

Choosing the best sneakers, styling a good outfit, drawing something. Whatever I do, I like to let my creativity flow. I have a good set of brains and I prefer to use them to think out of the box. I am not only a creative but also a very observant person. By that I mean that I'm quick to see and sense exactly what is happening in my environment. As a result, I like to surround myself with diverse individuals who are able to motivate me.





Luchien’s skills…

Humorous and direct

My communication skills? I’m quite communicative by nature. I don’t like interminable meetings and conversations, though. I use my sense of humour to make sure we lose no time and get down to the essentials.

The researcher

I like to take an analytical approach. Getting to the bottom of things or puzzling over large amounts of information – I just love that!


I am not the kind of person who is easily upset. I am not afraid to share my honest opinion and manage to hold my own even in stressful situations.


As mentioned before, I am good at keeping to myself. From that position, I enjoy helping others. Being able to make a real difference for another person gives me a lot of energy.

Luchien is curious about…

The future! I’d like to know where I will be a decade or so from now. It is very important to me to do something that makes me happy, and to be able to do so with a certain degree of freedom. I’d love to use my brain and creativity for concept development: bringing about unique collaborations or facilitating cool pop-up stores. That would be great.

I have worked on…

Process manager Financial Economic Crime at Rabobank

As Process Manager Financial Economic Crime (FEC) at Rabobank, I was part of the Change & Implementation team. In this role, I was responsible for the management/deployment of Azure DevOps and work on integrating all employees, work processes and teams within the FEC domain to one Azure DevOps environment. A huge project, and incredibly challenging. Azure DevOps is a system where all business processes and improvements are mapped to provide ongoing value to customers and optimize internal processes. Although I had no experience with Azure DevOps prior to this challenging assignment, I quickly familiarized myself with this system and took on an expert role in the process. 

Reference: ”Great sense of responsibility, very social and helpful, you do what you promise and deliver quality. I have only known you shortly, but trust you blindly.” 

Proces Manager at Rabobank

My first assignment at Rabobank was such a success that I got to do my second assignment there as well. This time as Process Manager within the Chapter Process Management. The desire within the entire chapter was to start working with Azure DevOps to create a clear backlog and a unified way of working within the department. I was responsible for the entire technical set-up of Azure DevOps, giving demos and being a go-to person for questions among all colleagues. For this, I had many consultations with various teams and management about which functionalities they wanted to see reflected in Azure DevOps. This approach allowed me to be creative and translate the wishes of different departments into a workable platform. The challenge was that I was the only Azure DevOps expert, meaning I was in control of managing my own project. I had to bring the right people together and make big choices. Because I was the expert on the software, I learned a lot about change management and stakeholder management. The freedom I got with my assignment, combined with the cooperation I had with my experienced colleagues made it an incredibly exciting and educational assignment.

Luchien’s tip…

During the coronavirus crisis, I noticed that I was a lot more dejected than I usually am. So it feels great to have regained my former cheerful self. Looking back on this period, I think having fun and spending time with friends are essential in life. My tip? Don’t forget to have fun!

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