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Max Kooistra

Management Trainee

When I was little, I had a clear agreement with my mother; before bedtime, I was only allowed to ask her one question, otherwise I would go on and on. Even then, I was fascinated by the universe, nature and mathematics. From my little helicopter, I observe the whole; I see big patterns and have big ideas. However, from my broad approach I do like to make deep dives on specific subjects. That way, I can fully immerse myself in a specific issue in a few days through books, podcasts and documentaries. Seeing the big picture or going deep; that is what I want.





Max’ skills…

Get things moving

With my huge dose of energy, I set things in motion! My brain and body constantly need new stimuli. Through movement, I can physically express my curiosity. This also served me well in top-level sport.


Whether it’s fully figuring out complicated material or achieving the purple belt; I bite my tongue and persevere until I achieve the desired result.

Storytelling & writing

I love new knowledge, especially when presented in a beautiful story. For me, writing is the way to structure my many thoughts. Creating a convincing or gripping story? Yes, I can!


I have an eye for the big picture, even in teams. I often quickly grasp what others can do and where certain knowledge lies. Optimistically, I motivate my team members to express their capabilities.

Max is curious about…

What am I not curious about?! If I had to name something; anything to do with the future, creativity and the technology sector. So much is possible in technology these days, no idea is too crazy. I think my broad vision of the future and creativity would come into their own here.

Max’s tip…

Whatever you believe, it is probably not the only truth. Ha!

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