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Merel van As

Management Trainee

As a young girl I was already incredibly dynamic. I started dancing and as soon as I was invited to the competition team, my love for movement and drive really came together. Training effectively with a great group of people so that you can ultimately shine on stage, nothing is as fulfilling as that! I like to see the same approach in my work; I prefer to be in contact with a team every day, so that we can work together to achieve the best results. Hands-on organization based on a clear vision and practical implementation, that is my way of creating value.





Merel’s skills…


My energy level; you simply cannot ignore it! Whether it concerns sports, organization or project work, my inexhaustible drive comes in handy every time. In both my work and private life, I notice that this drive also motivates others. This way the fire in the group stays lit all the way.


Perhaps it is a logical consequence of my energy level and love for exercise, because hanging back? Not my thing! I proactively take steps and involve others in this. I think thinking about what needs to be done is important, but endless worrying is not. Sometimes you have to dare to take that first step so that the rest of the way can unfold.


Moving forward energetically and assertively, that’s what I want! However, I will not let this be at the expense of the atmosphere. I believe that working together in a pleasant and humorous way not only promotes the motivation of the group but also the sustainability of the collaboration. In short, for me quality and pleasure go hand in hand.

Connects human & process

Humor provides lightness, fun and motivation, but there is one thing that is even more important for optimal collaboration: connection. There is a caring side in me, which likes to give things a personal touch and has an eye for my fellow human beings. This ensures that I not only easily level with others within the team, but also that I can act as the ideal link between groups or departments.

Merel is curious about…

I’ve been interested in IT for years. That is why I keep a close eye on trends and developments in this area. One thing is certain: technology never stands still! Which of course fits in well with my own work and development pace. In addition, I really think it is a gift to get to know myself better. I seek this depth through the Ormit Talent development process, but also through various books, podcasts and contact with others.

Merel tips…

Someone once gave me the tip: ‘take a day of me-time every now and then’. Me time?! And what does that mean? It’s about not planning anything and actually being able to switch off. Come to yourself and see what you need. By switching off completely every now and then you find out how you are really doing. It recharges and gives you the space to – when necessary – sit down with yourself for a while. This ensures that I can continue both fresher and sharper. In short, highly recommended!

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