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Milou Straatman

Management Trainee

I am an extremely energetic and enthusiastic person, and I like to be busy with all sorts of things all day long. Lots of stimuli and variety, I love that! If anything goes wrong, there is always a way we can solve it together. I like to work in freedom and have responsibilities. I grant this to others as well. Unless things take too long, then I take the reins myself.





Milou’s skills…


I like to motivate and enthuse the people around me. I easily draw people in with my infectious energy.


My solution-oriented mindset and creativity make it easy for me to think out-of-the-box. A chaotic brainstorm session with cool ideas? I’m all for it!


I like creativity but not too much fuss. I like to maintain a logical perspective, which enables me to ensure that the team focus is always on the essentials.

The chatterbox

No, no not just in the pub. I enjoy putting my studies in communication and information sciences into practice. That way, I make sure information is manageable and fun for the recipient.

Milou is curious about…

EVERYTHING! Whether it’s a book about the history and future of humanity or a podcast about my favourite hockey star – just bring it on!

I have worked on these projects

Process Manager & Communication Specialist at Rabobank

As Process Manager and communications specialist, I monitored the quality of the Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. I had a facilitating and coordinating role in which I focussed on filtering issues raised by analysts and passed them on to the Product Owner. In addition, as the department’s communications specialist, I was responsible for monitoring and communicating all important changes that occured within the Rabobank procedure for performing Customer Due Diligence. Within the role I fulfilled I had a clear overview of the department. Therefore, I also support the Management Team and I was constantly working on optimizing the communication within the department.

Project Support Officer at War Child Holland

I was very curious about the workings within an NGO, which was why I was given the opportunity to work at War Child Holland within the HR team for a short period of time. I was able to support several short projects within the HR department. I helped set up a new procedure for environmental policies and wrote an onboarding manual for new colleagues. We have also been working on a well-being plan for our own employees, so that they can get even better support when they need it when, for example, they are working in war zones. Coming to work for War Child Holland was a big contrast after my previous assignment at a big corporate bank. Everything that is done here is based on thinking: how can we best help children in war zones by doing this? The employees really stand incredibly strongly behind their cause. This way of working was refreshing for me and truly a positive surprise.

Milou’s tip…

Make sure you have a happy and positive mindset! Why not go for the positive, when you can choose between positive and negative? You’re certainly not going to improve things by being negative.

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