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Mitch van Dijk

Management Trainee

How my loved ones would describe me in one word? Driven! I feel at my best when I have been able to do a whole load of different things in one day. I'm all about movement, in every possible sense. Physically this manifests itself in top-level sport, mentally and emotionally in continuous development and improvement. I like to look ahead; who do I want to be in the future and what do I need to achieve that?





Mitch’ skills…

Driven juggler

Performing multiple tasks at the same time – I like juggling acts like that. The more movement, the better! Because I do like to juggle properly, I do occasionally pause to double-check something.


A juggler has to ensure that, in the end, each ball lands in the right place. I never lose sight of that final goal. I reassess the situation again and again to determine what is needed to make sure I achieve my goals.

Task-oriented chameleon

To achieve goals, we need people. I’m rather good at responding to new situations, to make sure we move forward together in an efficient way.

To the point

No matter how complicated an issue is, I quickly get to the core. In meetings or presentations, I like to skip the fuss and explain clearly what is needed.

Mitch is curious about…

The future and everything to do with it. I regularly ask myself where I want to be a few years from now and how to get there.

I have worked on this project

Project Manager at DELA

As Project Manager at DELA, I focused on the training and onboarding processes surrounding the integration of DELA with Yarden. In doing so, I planned several training sessions across the country and ensured constant reflection on and improvement of the quality of the training sessions. After the integration date, I focused on facilitating and organising training sessions for new colleagues and developing an NPS Analysis in collaboration with various stakeholders. I am also responsible for the supervision and assessment of students of the minor in Consultancy from AVANS, who carry out a consultancy assignment developed by me at DELA.

Lieke van Dongen: “Working with Mitch is a party! Social, driven, smart and sociable, that is Mitch. He grasps a challenge with both hands. He bites into it and ensures the highest achievable result by researching and asking questions. 

Mitch’s tip…

If I have learnt anything at DELA it is this: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. In one of the training groups there was an older man. My initial assessment was: he’s relatively old so he’s likely to resist change. But we had barely started or the man called out: I AM SO MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS INTEGRATION!

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