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Regina Voss

Management Trainee

Sailing, skating, playing outdoors... This proud Frisian grew up in nature! My fascination for nature flows seamlessly into an interest in chemistry and biology. Like the professor in a white coat, I can view situations and problems inquisitively and without judgment. But merely observing is not enough for me! I have an enormous vigour bubbling inside me that wants to set things up, improve, do. Because of my factual nature, it often surprises people that I get energy from dynamic or even creative environments. Finding the consensus between all the loose pieces in those places; that is what I do it for!





Regina’s skills…


I am pure in my intentions and take responsibility. For me, no second agenda. Also, the pure intention of an organisation or team to improve something honestly and sustainably is a key driver for me.

A step back

When the intention is pure, the professor in me likes to step back to see the whole picture. This is how I form a picture of both the situation and the possible directions of movement.

The translator

The direction? We have to choose that together. To get to the point, I like to move between the substantive and the emotional. First I look at the content, then I put my feelers out.


Consensus reached? LET’S GO! With my decisiveness and perseverance, I act as a stable engine in a team context. Achieving results together; how nice is that!

Regina is curious about…

Extremely smart people, in all areas! When someone has delved into a particular subject, I love hearing all about it. I also find the person behind the information interesting; how does that brain work? How does that person think? I enjoy the variation in people and topics, hence my interest in the Ormit Talent track!

I have worked on this project

Strategy Analyst BPI at ASML

As a Strategy Analyst within the Business Performance Improvement (BPI) department at ASML, I worked with a team of Strategy Managers to accelerate internal improvement strategies across sectors. As a team, we prepared meetings for the Board of Management, ensuring they were well-informed with all the necessary information and background to make effective decisions. My responsibilities included coordinating the process and bringing together the content. This involved engaging with various stakeholders, allowing me to have a comprehensive overview. I found this position within the company incredibly exciting, and I enjoyed the challenge of aligning and processing complex content. Additionally, I derived a lot of energy from collaborating with my team and others. We encouraged each other to continuously reflect and provide assistance. I am proud of my personal development and the end products produced by our team!

Quote from Kuno Huisman, Manager at ASML:
“The great thing about Regina is her eagerness to learn in different areas. She wants to understand the content but also grasp how processes work and how to efficiently get things done. This accelerates her learning curve and makes working with Regina very pleasant!”

Regina tipt…

As mentioned earlier; my factual mind actually turns on in creative environments and activities. My best investment this year is the Rembrandt pass. For people under 28, the pass costs only €28. You can visit as many as 125 museums with it!

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