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Savanne Sturkenboom

Management Trainee

We can't do it on our own. To move forward, it is essential that we connect with others. By seeking depth in conversations, I know how to create this connection with others; from that position, we can join forces to achieve our goals. That's what energises me. This is reflected in my fascination with personal development; we need others, and others need us, to discover our blind spots. I am 100% committed to continuous improvement!





Savanne’s skills…

A listening ear

People around me regularly share their personal situations with me. I like to hear the story behind the person. That’s because I’m interested in people, but also because I believe that mutual understanding is necessary for cooperation to flourish.

The enthusiast

I have a good dose of positive energy, which is contagious to those around me. In addition, my open attitude acts as an invitation for others to open up themselves.

Critical observer

I enjoy observing people and situations, which helps me to quickly grasp what is going on under the surface. I test and deepen my observations by asking critical questions; why do we do what we do?

The bigger picture

I know how to make connections between segmented bits of information: the things I observe and the things that different people tell me. This allows me to see the bigger picture, identify the things that trigger certain situations and anticipate the possible consequences. 

Savanne is curious about…

Other people! Their stories, motivations, ideas… To get to know the other person better and to learn from them myself. ‘Work engagement’ is another thing that fascinates me. I think it is a subject that is often underestimated. If you ask me, though, staff is the number one reason that enables an organisation to achieve excellence and continue developing.

I have worked on this project

Project Management Officer FEC at Rabobank

As project Management Officer (PMO) within Systems and Tooling I coordinated the planning of change-acitvities in all phases of the project. I worked together with multiple stakeholders, monitored the progress of projects and rapported this to management. On top of that I led MT meetings, facilitated the decisionmaking process, and monitored the follow-up of action points. I was also responsible for improving work engagement of employees. Every quarter I would analyse the results from the work engagement scan and come up with action points together with team leads. All-in all a challenging coordinative role.

Savanne’s tip…

In Colombia, I walked the four-day trek to ‘The Lost City’. This meant being completely isolated from everything for several days, in the midst of nature with my own thoughts and ideas. For me, it was an innovative, challenging but also an almost therapeutic experience. Oh, and better think twice about joining if you’re afraid of snakes!

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