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Stef Leenders

Management Trainee

Only when you really know what's going on can you come up with a real solution. For me, that means not only being willing to hear the nice things, but also being willing to listen to complicated issues. Whether during an evening dinner with friends or during a team meeting with colleagues; I find it important to be really present. This puts me in genuine contact with the other person and allows me to think or advise in a focused way.





Stef Skills

Information sponge

I enjoy making large amounts and different types of data my own. In my work, I like to deal with different projects. I see through the bigger picture quickly and know how different parts are connected. 

Stakeholder management

Not only do I quickly put pieces of information in context, I also understand the lines of communication and the relationships that exist. Stakeholder management for me is not only about getting everyone on the same page, but also about creating support. This is the only way to implement change sustainably. 

Commercial eye

Besides sincere attention to people, I know that change management has to deliver something at the bottom line. That’s why I love to work out the business operations behind potential solutions. This is how a creative idea turns into a solid business model. 

The crisis manager

The word says it all; crisis? That’s what makes people panic! For me, such situations are precisely the moment when my skills come together. I quickly absorb the necessary information, make targeted contact with those involved and ensure that together we arrive at creative solutions. 

Stef is curious about…

My own future and of those around me. A corporate job in Tokyo or my own business in Amsterdam? I keep the options open and I secretly like the variety of possibilities. As for my surroundings, I find relationships on a macro level interesting. How will the Netherlands – and the rest of the worlddevelop in the near future? 

I have worked on this project

Process Manager at AkzoNobel

As process manager at AkzoNobel, I was responsible within Sales & Key Account Management for optimising (commercial) processes. As AkzoNobel is a global player in the paint and coatings industry, this amounts to processes in various countries & topics: from new artwork to order handling and product management. Within my team, I dealt with the entire process- from product introduction to actual production. I also coordinated operational tasks in the project process, such as liaising with external content managers. As I worked on projects across Europe, I often dealt with a complex stakeholder field full of different interests. Ultimately, I found the challenge in connecting all these links in order to structurally develop a working method that makes things easier for everyone. Because in the end, we are all working towards the same goal: making AkzoNobel a little better every day.

”His keen eye, analytical skills and his friendly way of communicating are important skills to not only suggest improvements but also get them accepted.”

Stef tips…

My father’s mantra is “don’t be a number”. What he means by this is: make sure people know who you are. Not by constantly being a rooster that crows loudly, but by standing out in a positive way. How do you do that according to him? By staying curious! Ask the right questions and check your assumptions. Good preparation can do wonders. Both for yourself and for the other person. 

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