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Tjeu Combee

Management Trainee

The most interesting thing in this life? The enormous variety of perspectives and behaviours! I love hearing people talk about their views and observing group dynamics. The essence of my relationship with the people around me is an open and genuine sense of connection. From that basis, I am happy to share my firm opinions. Not to impose them on anyone else, but rather to enter into a dialogue and gain broader insights together.





Tjeu’s skills…


I enjoy observing how individuals and groups function. Either to understand them better or to optimise certain dynamics.

Humorously direct

I’m pretty direct. Both in sharing my opinions and in my sense of humour.


Those direct opinions of mine? They are pretty fluid. I am open-minded; things can’t get crazy enough for me. I like to be surprised by the views of others.


Not only do I keep a close eye on the people around me, I also observe myself. I am continuously aware of what I am doing and how I can improve.

Tjeu is curious about…

Leadership! Now, of course, I provide input and have my projects, but there is always a manager behind me. I am curious to know how it feels to have that ultimate responsibility myself; what pressure, excitement and challenges that brings.

I have worked on these projects

Teamcoach at ABN AMRO

Project Management Support at IMC Weekend School

Stichting IMC Weekendschool provides supplementary, motivational education for young people in places in the Netherlands where it is needed most. To professionalize the foundation, I made a script for organising pop-up summer schools more efficiently. Additionally, I was responsible for the projectplan concerning the onboarding of new employees. Here it was important to map the interests of all stakeholders. 

Tjeu’s tip…

The podcast ‘Worklife with Adam Grant’. Adam Grant is an organisational psychologist who considers performance within organisations from a particular perspective. He is very good at identifying and interpreting certain habits and other things we do unconsciously. This not only makes you more aware of these habits, but also makes you understand them better.

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