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Ymke Goossens

Management Trainee

Whether as an employee or in my private life, I'd rather do a little too much than a little too little. Dedicated work is not the only thing I find important, though. From my background in the hospitality sector, I think it’s really important to create a pleasant atmosphere. I love facilitating events or dinner parties. Making others happy makes me happy! Behind this social animal there is a perfectionist. Her pursuit of perfection is fuelled in part by synchronised swimming.





Ymke’s skills…

Providing structure

The environment in which I really come into my own is a messy environment! Creating order out of chaos; that’s what I love.

Assertive entrepreneur

I chose the Master’s in Entrepreneurship for a reason. Initiating things, tackling problems – that’s what I stand for. Both in my work and in my social life.

Cameleon girl

At different levels, I sense what is needed and I know how to respond quickly. Clear communication is an important part of this.

Infectious motivator

I motivate the people around me – all the more so when they’re going through a difficult period. My battery is always fully charged to boost the energy level within a group.

Ymke is curious about…

What I’m curious about? Whew, everything really! My broad interests are both a strength and a pitfall. Finding the right balance in this is something I would like to learn.

I have worked on these projects

Process Coach at AKZO Nobel

As Process Coach at AkzoNobel, I coordinated several Information Management and IT-related improvement projects within the Benelux Customer Support team. This team provides administrative and commercial support for the entire Benelux sales and marketing department. I was responsible for monitoring, improving and fine-tuning various processes with the aim of monitoring and improving sales, costs and customer satisfaction. My efforts contributed to structure and process improvement in the department. In short, a challenging and therefore very educational and beautiful assignment!

Jan-Riemer Roorda (Manager Process Improvement Benelux): “As Process Coach at Akzo Nobel, Ymke has shown that she has great communication skills, works in a well-organised way, has strong project leadership skills and dares to share her creative opinion when faced with challenges. Processes within Akzo Nobel are complex, but Ymke went all the way and grew from junior to expert in a short time!”

Project Manager at DELA

In my role at Coöperatie DELA I am contributing to the creation of a uniform working method, specifically for funeral directors. The growth of DELA causes a need for uniform working methods and a consistent quality of service. Within my project I am responsible for creating a manual and the implementation of which. The challenge within my project is convincing funeral directors of the importance of a uniform working method. My persuasiveness, decisiveness, perseverance and stakeholder management are essential to be successful in my role. In addition, this role teaches me to manage expectations, and to be convinced and supportive of my own product. I enjoy this role for its impact, challenging conflicts of interest and persuasive nature. I am working towards a strong manual and aim to be able to present it in all regions across the country, with the approval of the management team.

Lieke van Dongen (Business Consultant Coöperatie Dela): “Ymke has a positive attitude and sees opportunities everywhere. Within no time she had found her place in the team. She can easily communicate with stakeholders at different levels. She works with dedication and has an enormous sense of responsibility. She oversees processes, can analyze them, and gets to the heart of the matter.”

Ymke’s tip…

Always look on the bright side of life! There is something positive in every struggle. That discovery gives a twist to difficult situations.

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