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Yol Tio

Management Trainee

As a big combat sports fanatic, I find that people are often surprised when they hear that I studied Chemistry. My fascination with our world began at an early age, and I wanted to learn to explain these things. My love for all that we have has continued into a sustainability focus. I love exploring, pushing the limit... Because yes, it's friction that makes the world shine!





Yol’s skills


I enjoy analysing complex situations. By asking ‘why?’ as often as possible, I get to the heart of the problem and look at the possibilities from there.

Flexible sponge for knowledge

I can easily respond to a new environment or situation. Because I am quick to absorb knowledge and spot connections, I need very little time to see what is needed.

Stable engine

Both in work and in my private life, people know exactly what they can expect from me. Even when I am at rest, I work on steadily; clearly I earned my black belt for good reason.


Managing chaos, that’s what I like to do. My inner stability and motivation allow me to help others use their strengths so as to reach our shared goal.

Yol is curious about…

On the work front, I’d like to delve into Sustainable Development of Third World Countries. For the most part, the people in those countries have no idea what is going on in terms of climate change. While they see the consequences, they lack the resources to deal with them. I think there is a lot to be gained there.

I have worked on these projects

Communication Representative at ASML

At ASML, I was tasked with creating an internal communications strategy for the D&E Mechanical Development Design Foundation. In addition to increasing visibility, I was able to make an impact by centralizing and streamlining the rollout of several projects and processes. The challenge herein was to connect and enrich the more than 50 different departments within MDEV with validated knowledge. Creating structure within this complex organization proved to be quite a task but also gave me an enormous amount of energy. Furthermore, I contributed to Change Management workshops for the Digital Integration & Verification program and supported the integration of the MDEV Training curriculum.

Sustainability Consultant at Ormit Talent

At Ormit Talent, I served as the point person for sustainability matters. Working with the sustainability steering group, I led the compilation of our annual sustainability report and crafted the 2024 sustainability strategy. I also coordinated the reassessment of the EcoVadis sustainability label, involving gathering existing documentation, developing new policies, and providing insights into various KPIs related to social and ecological objectives. Amidst these responsibilities, I supported ad-hoc projects like our CSRD proposition.

The diversity of tasks energized me during this assignment. Operating at both strategic and operational levels, I collaborated with individuals across the organization to enhance our own sustainability and integrate it into our business model through training and assignments for our trainees. My pride stems from making ongoing initiatives more visible, showcasing the significant strides we made towards a sustainable organization over the past years. A key takeaway is the importance of communication—continuously communicating the company’s vision and actions is crucial. Maintaining open communication in the face of resistance is essential for swift and sustainable progress.

Yol’s tip…

You live for yourself, not for someone else. This does not mean that you cannot care about another person, but rather that you can be who you are and do what you want to do. And … life is not a straight line, so getting lost is part of the game. In the end, we will all get to the spot where we belong.

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