Tech & Management Traineeship

@ Brainport Eindhoven

Your heart beats faster with technology. You want to work on tomorrow’s technological solutions. So there is no better place to start your career in Brainport Eindhoven region. Europe’s smartest square kilometres. Are you ready?

Currently, proficiency in the Dutch language is required for this traineeship. However, if you subscribe to our talent pool, we may approach you when our traineeship becomes available for English-speaking candidates.

What’s in it for you?

Tech meets Business

You have leadership ambitions and see yourself as ‘a connector’ between tech and business. You know better than anyone that people are the most important success factor in change.


Together, we will explore where your talent and future lies. Over two years, you will rotate between different clients, assignments and roles.

Build your network

It is logical that your network grows enormously with all those different clients you end up with. Not to mention your fellow trainees and alumni…

Competitive benefits

We offer an attractive compensation package. Next to a competitive salary, you’ll be reimbursed for expenses, join a thriving pension plan, and enjoy a generous holiday package. But the best reason to join is our award-winning development program valued at over €45,000 — which is our investment in you.


We almost forgot the most important thing. You form a close-knit group with your fellow trainees. You meet regularly during training sessions, peer reviews or one of the many activities and get-togethers. You will get to know each other through and through and will most probably make friends for life.

Award-winning development program

Our award-winning development program of 2 years focuses on learning by practice. The program consists of an intensive curriculum that together with our guidance will boost your personal and professional growth.

Change the world as you discover it

This Tech & Management Traineeship offers you that unique opportunity! A look into different kitchens. To discover the full range of companies and cool technologies and innovations. And so experience what kind of company and what kind of position suits you best.

And all at top organisations in the Brainport region. There, you come into contact with diverse projects. Projects that really matter. You will be given every opportunity to make a difference. The Brainport region has a globally recognised position. A strong high-tech industry is central in this knowledge-intensive ecosystem, alongside a creative design sector. New developments are happening at a rapid pace. The dynamics are great. Companies need to be agile and able to switch quickly. This is how they contribute to tomorrow’s world with technological solutions.

Within this region, companies are experiencing rapid growth. The key to success within Brainport is talent. That is why Ormit Talent Brainport is located in the heart of the Brainport region at the High Tech Campus (HTC) in Eindhoven. Not only is the HTC the smartest km2 in Europe, it is also the most sustainable campus in Europe! A great place to make an impact.


Your unique personality, skills and talents are the starting point. We help you discover them further. But really, we dig deeper. To your qualities, ambitions and life dreams. We believe that you can only be truly happy and successful in your work if it matches who you are. You also get the chance to get to know different companies inside out. And come into contact with different technologies. In order to discover where you fit best.
Perhaps you would like to specialise in a particular field or technology after your traineeship. Or a role as project lead might suit you better.
There are several possibilities and we will find out together. It all comes together in your own future plan full of challenges.


You will work hard on your development. You won’t do this alone. We are here to help you. With the best guidance, feedback, coaching and training. During the two-year traineeship, you will especially hone your skills. Can’t say goodbye after two years? Have you not yet finished developing? Then you can extend the traineeship for another year. In this third year, you can develop further in terms of content, based on your needs. For example, in the specialisations change, sustainability, data, project, product or process management. All this to achieve your personal and professional goals.


We believe you learn most from doing. You get to work in challenging assignments that really matter. In a technical context. And that match the experience you already bring with you. You learn but realise impactful results straight away. You get the chance to showcase your talents to the companies you work for. In this way, you create your own opportunities. After the traineeship, opportunities are at your feet. And not just within the Brainport region, but definitely beyond!

You are:

You have a Master degree

For example in the field of (technical) physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or aerospace engineering

Young professional

We’re seeking starters or young professionals with a maximum of three years of professional work experience.


You’re a curious lifelong learner with a growth mindset. You’re open to new experiences, insights, and receiving constructive feedback.

Tech & Management Traineeship in numbers:


Why Ormit Talent?

Talent is the key between the labour market and the business world. At Ormit Talent, we are committed to that talent and its development. Together, we strive for the perfect match between talents and significant companies, with the ultimate goal of delivering tomorrow’s leaders.

Active in Brainport Eindhoven

Walk in the footsteps of 2000+ alumni

Award-winning development program

An inside look at several companies

You’ll be part of a peer group of talents who face similar challenges

Monthly activities, drinks and trips!

Is this programme something for you?

Then go directly to the application form. Still have questions? Then contact our recruiter via Whatsapp!

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