You’ve got the talent.

We lead the way. 

At Ormit, we believe in your talent. We love it! We get to the bottom of your personality, skills, and talents. Together we work on your development, helping you bring out the best in yourself.


A successful career starts with you


You’re curious, hungry for growth, and open to new experiences, valuable feedback, and fresh insights. Self-knowledge is the font of all wisdom. Your career begins with you, Ormit Talent is here to help. Combine working and learning, and enjoy the support of our professionals, for proven success. This is how you surpass your own expectations and ambitions. With so much talent, you’d be mad to pass up on this opportunity!


Your assignment


Step out of your comfort zone. Gain new experiences, take on the unknown, enjoy new adventures and challenges. You take a deep dive into your role and find solutions. It puts you in a development dynamic where new insights and personal growth await. You do this during multiple projects within your role at ASML. You’re given every opportunity to have meaningful impact and make a big difference for ASML. 


Personal Development


You and your talent are unique, even so we often see the same questions and areas for development recurring. Our development programme focuses on the topics that help you achieve your fullest potential. Some of the focus points include:


      • communicating effectively 
      • managing the people around you 
      • giving and receiving feedback 
      • gaining insight into yourself, your talents and personality 
      • remaining vital in the workplace 
      • managing progress in projects 
      • change and innovation


In short: we know what it takes to make you grow!


Training & Workshops


Every month, your talent gets a boost thanks to the training and e-learning opportunities we give you. The exact content is tailored to each programme, but there are a number of training courses we think are essential for everyone, like the examples below.

These trainings are included in all of our programs:

Personality Profile

Gain insight into yourself and others. You discover your MBTI, which will help you discover and understand the differences between yourself and others. You get to know yourself, and become better at: effective communication, conflict management, teambuilding and mapping out your career path.

Communication Marathon

How do you deal with stressful conversations? You learn how manage critical situations in which, for example someone else reacts differently than you expected. Together with our actors, you improve your communication style.

Project Management Skills

How do you become even more effective at managing projects? This training session lets you implement your project management principles on your own project case(s). So you can learn from your own practical experiences!

Agile & Scrum

After this training, you’ll understand what Agile and Scrum stand for, be able to explain the concepts and apply these management tools in practice. You will be able to assess whether you are adopting the Agile mindset and contribute to improving processes.

Stakeholder Analysis

You never manage a project alone; you need others to succeed. During this training you gain insight into the network of people around you. You’ll analyse underlying relationships and come up with tactics to keep your project moving.

Data Bootcamp

The world of data can no longer be ignored. Nowadays, everything runs on data. During this multi-day bootcamp, you will be given the tools to make data work for you. You will, for example, clean up data sets and create a dashboard in PowerBi.

Situational  Leadership

Become an effective leader by leveraging the differences in your team. Not everybody is the same, and everyone responds to your leadership differently. You learn to accelerate the development and growth of employees so that they become more involved and show ownership. Just what your project needs!

Stress Management

Discover what is at the root of stress. Learn to create peace in your life and bolster your vitality and resilience. You are introduced to basic techniques aimed at preventing and reducing excessive stress.

Design Thinking

A way of creating innovative services or products in which people are central. You learn the basic steps to coming up with creative solutions for today’s problems and tomorrow’s challenges. Where are the bottlenecks and opportunities, and how can technology contribute to a solution?

+ More

All of this is just a taster of the range of training sessions on offer. Our coaching is tailored to the programme of your choosing and aim to stimulate development of your hard and soft skills.


Talent Coaching


You will be assigned an experienced Ormit Talent coach. They’re there for you and listen to your needs. Your talent coach will teach you lots about yourself and your unconscious assumptions. At the same time, you’ll learn how to activate others with your talents. This makes all the difference to you and the people around you. Your talent coach will visit you on assignment on a regular basis so together you can discuss your challenges and progress. You will be stimulated to make the right choices and chase your dreams and ambitions.


Join the club


When you join Ormit Talent, you join our club of special ones. Talents like yourself who exchange experiences and advice, and inspire each other too, during drinks. Facing a major challenge? You’ll enjoy a safety net of professionals who can advise you. As well as learning from your own projects, you learn from each other’s. So that you can build a solid network of professionals in your world of work, life, and excellence.


A promising future


Throughout your programme, you’ll be working towards the next step in your career. Enjoy preferential treatment for impactful positions that others aren’t quite ready to take on. Your coach helps you make decisions that work for you, and ensure you operate from a place of personal strength and joy. Doors will open for you at ASML because, after your traineeship, the world of ASML is at your feet.