How your organisation can excel in talent development

The first question we often hear is ‘Why do I need to do something with talent development?’ To us, talent development makes complete sense. Investing in developing your  talents not only makes you more attractive as an employer, it also makes for happy employees (and thus retains  them). You also build a talent pipeline: after all, the entrant of today is your senior  in five years’ time. So in short: Why not? In this blog, we explain how to become successful at developing talents.

Okay. ‘But I already offer a traineeship, right? What else should I do?’ Let’s start by saying: one traineeship is not the other. Success is achieved by thinking strategically about how (and which) young talents enter your organisation and in which direction you want them to grow. An average traineeship is often short-term, too task-oriented and offers little scope for personal development. Also, organisations do not always reap the benefits of working with a young, in-house talent.

Wondering how working with young talent enriches your organisation?

Then download the whitepaper for an effective Talent Development Programme. It will not only tell you what to consider in your organisation, but also what a breath of fresh air it will bring to your organisation. It’s packed with best practices, checklists and experiences.

All ready…?

Getting started with talent development in the form of talent development programmes goes beyond the HR department alone. Determine how far along you are based on the following statements:

  • Our traineeship is truly a strategic development programme and offers more than just an entry-level position with a course.
  • Personal development is an important part of our programme in addition to professional development.
  • There is room for learning in our organisation; making mistakes is part of it and comfort zones are there to get out of.
  • Our trainees are the managers of the future, they have already been selected for that in the application process.
  • Our young talent and old hands learn from each other: it makes our organisation smarter and stronger.
  • Change processes go more smoothly partly thanks to the often refreshing approach of young talents.
  • Most of the trainees in our organisation grow on to senior positions after a few years.

Does developing your own talent development programme sounds like too much? But you do need (temporary) support? Perhaps a trainee from Ormit Talent is for you. Looking for a long-term solution? Then see if a talent pool is more to your liking.

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