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Gijs Govers

Management Trainee

With a results-driven manager as a father and a sensitive coach as a mother, I got both sides at an early age. That is how I grew up to become the so-called mix of the two; an assertive yet sensitive fanatic. Which side is expressed? That depends on the context. I carefully consider the situation and connect with the people around me, after which I intuitively apply those qualities that are most conducive to growth.





Gijs’ skills…

Natural overview

I can easily master large quantities and different types of material. It is precisely by taking a step back that I am able to oversee situations quickly and sharply. That way we can focus together on what is really relevant. 

The networker

Not only information, I also quickly grasp the relationships within organizations. As a social networker, I easily make contact with or between people in the right positions. 


Where I used to be able to use my creativity in drawing and writing, these days I use it to come up with interesting solutions and innovative ideas. This way I do things just a little differently, with a little extra color! 

Contagiously energetic

My infectious enthusiasm acts as a trigger, giving meetings and brainstorming sessions both momentum and power. On the other hand, I know how to use my infectiousness to convince others and get them moving in the right direction. 

Gijs is curious about…

Over the past few years I have come to realize that not only my role, but also the mission and direction of the organization I work for are very important to me. From this realization, I started to investigate and found out that I am not only excited about the ‘do-good‘ companies in, for example, the sustainability sector. Other organizations and sectors with a vibrant, profound mission also appeal to me. Think for example of ASML who contribute to a new world with their chips. How cool is that! In short, I am curious to see which organizational mission will ultimately align with my personal vision. 

I have worked on this project

Senior Project Controller at the Province of North-Brabant

Within the implementation team “peak load” I was responsible for three different parts. Firstly, I took care of the finances: the budget, a cost justification and the communication with the state about the distribution of these finances to the province. Secondly, I reported the progress and quality of the whole support project to the province, municipalities and to the ministry. For example, dashboards I created were published in the newspaper, to which I received many positive feedback from even political spokesmen. Finally, it was my responsibility to identify risks in time and then take the appropriate management measures together with the team. I got a lot of energy from the fact that there are many different tasks and responsibilities involved. We took the project from zero to running all the way, and I’m really proud of the fact that we managed to set up a well-run service so quickly. Because the project is so complicated I also learned very quickly how important it is to ask good questions about issues. Really starting a dialogue. The service is purely aimed at helping and supporting people as best we can. It is a voluntary service for our target group. This allowed me to really make a positive difference. This motivated enormously.

Gijs tips…

As a true resident of ‘s Hertogenbosch I cannot withhold the best tip from Brabant; taste a delicious Bossche Bol from the famous family bakery Jan de Groot! 


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