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Gillyenne Odor

Management Trainee

Not an easy solution for your problem? Then I am at my strongest! I get an enormous energy boost from improvement and achieving results. I like to understand and perfect processes and know that the human side is an essential part of this. First connect, then improve! By following this sequence, I know how to take people along naturally towards the intended goal. Realizing our ambitions together, that is what I aim for!





Gillyenne’s skills…

Sociological perspective

By reading between the lines and listening carefully, I gain insight into the perceptions and needs of others. By knowing what is going on beneath the surface, I can adapt to the situation and get everyone on the same page. 

Analytical translation

I like to combine my sociological side with my feeling for research. I love to structure large amounts of information. Because of my analytical ability, I know how to make connections between the current situation and what is needed to make the change successful. 

Eye for quality

From my experience, I know that there is always room for improvement. I am critical of both my own and otherswork and not afraid to share it. I love quality and therefore make sure that everything I deliver is up to standard. 

Structured go-getter

Cannot does not exist! Whether it concerns personal or professional goals, my enormous drive and decisiveness make me persevere until I have achieved the desired result. My lists, overviews, schedules and deadlines not only keep me motivated and on track, they also benefit my colleagues. 

Gillyenne is curious about…

I am fascinated by how people behave, not only within organizations but also outside of them. What drives a person, where does behavior come from and why do we react the way we react? How do people and groups move? The behavior of people in the context of organizational change particularly fascinates me, because at such crucial moments typical behaviors often emerge. When we learn to recognize the underlying factors, we can positively influence them, both in ourselves and in others. 

I have worked on this project…

Process Manager Financial Economic Crime (FEC) at Rabobank

As Process Manager in the Change & Implementation department at Rabobank, I was responsible for ensuring and optimizing various work processes, mostly focused on process design and technical systems, including Azure DevOps. In doing so, I gave substance to Continuous Improvement and participated in projects to bring the FEC organization to a higher level. One of the projects in which I was in the lead was the research and implementation of one bank-wide tool where employees could submit improvement ideas. The goal was to provide, across departments, a uniform interpretation of continuous improvement and facilitate that improvement proposals could be more easily realized End to End. My responsibilities included coordinating the migration process and engaging with stakeholders to provide direction for the process. To do this, I outlined the current and desired process, mapped a difference and impact analysis, created an advisory plan for the Management Team and developed a communication plan for rolling out the change. I also conveyed know-how to the users about how the tool works, including writing work instructions, serving as a question guide and providing a demo. Stakeholder management, conceptual thinking and change management were crucial in my role. The versatility of my assignment and the responsibilities entrusted to me made me look back on my time at Rabobank with great pleasure and pride!

Gillyenne tips…

Seeing opportunities is one thing, but this is only truly valuable if you grab them with both hands. Every day you get a new opportunity to make the most of yourself or the situation. As my mother always says: can’t, doesn’t exist! 

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